Fine Jewelry

6 Style Experts On Their Everyday Jewelry Wardrobes

From meaningful mementos of loved ones to cool, contemporary jewels that enhance every outfit, discover which fine jewels mean the most to the NET-A-PORTER team

Clockwise from top left: yellow-gold, white-gold and diamond ring, David Yurman; gold necklace, Pascale Monvoisin; gold, tourmaline ring, Gucci; gold, sterling silver and diamond ring, Spinelli Kilcollin; gold, emerald and diamond necklace, Azlee; gold, diamond ring, Foundrae

Harriet Haskell-Thomas, global head of styling

“I have 11 pieces of jewelry that I never take off. Some of these are my most sentimental pieces that I then layer statement jewelry over when I want to create more of a ‘look’. I wear a chunky silver band with millennium hallmarks gifted to me by my parents at the turn of the century (most of the hallmarks have faded now though, as I haven’t taken it off in 22 years), which sits happily alongside a much-cherished Foundrae cigar band that my husband surprised me with after our second son was born. Hilariously, another ring – an interlinked five-band gold design from Gucci – was a present from an ex-boyfriend that I now can’t get off following a fractured finger, so that’s here to stay too! Around my neck I wear my most special piece – a fine chain that carries both my son’s fingerprints on an 18-karat gold pendant – as well as a shorter, vintage, gold-link chain.”

Alice Casely-Hayford, content director

“After years of piling rings onto every finger throughout my teens and twenties, I’m quite minimalist when it comes to my jewelry wardrobe now. Today, the pieces that I cherish most – and never take off – are my Cartier wedding ring and my beloved father’s interlocking rings that I inherited after he died in 2019. I also wear a gold necklace that my husband gave me on our third date; in fact, all the pieces I have on rotation feature gold, diamonds or pearls to complement the jewelry that I don’t remove. I adore everything by Mateo, and I also admire Pippa Small’s passion for philanthropy, craftsmanship and sustainability. I haven’t worn a watch in years, but my birthday is fast approaching, and a Hermès or Cartier timepiece is top of my Wish List.”

Alice Casely-Hayford favors a minimal everyday jewelry edit that centers around her Cartier wedding ring and a family heirloom
Clockwise from top left: gold, pearl earring, Sophie Bille Brahe; gold, diamond earrings, Anita Ko; gold, turquoise and diamond ring, Yvonne Léon; white-gold, diamond necklace, Melissa Kaye; gold, sapphire necklace, Octavia Elizabeth; gold, diamond hoop earrings, Jade Trau

Edwina Hilton, fine jewelry and watches buyer

“I wear my favorite Melissa Kaye diamond necklace every day – it goes so well with everything and is my staple piece of jewelry. Thanks to the ‘neckmess’ trend, I enjoy layering other necklaces and pendants of various lengths together, too – Marie Lichtenberg’s ‘Mauli’ necklaces are fabulous, as you can wear these long or double wrapped, while Octavia Elizabeth does great nesting gem necklaces for delicate chain layering. For special occasions I tend to go for statement earrings, which I find easier to pair with a bold outfit than a necklace. I either go for a fun earring stack – think diamond climbers from Anita Ko, studs and hoops from Jade Trau and Suzanne Kalan, plus ear cuffs from Yvonne Léon – or I lean towards more classic pieces by Sophie Bille Brahe, whose pearl designs remind me of my wedding day.”

Charlie Boyd, fine jewelry and watches editor

“Almost every piece of jewelry that I fall in love with has some sort of meaningful symbolism. Foundrae’s ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’ necklace is an inspiring talisman – it means ‘through our hardships we reach the stars’. On my ring finger I wear a spinel-set signet ring that has the initials of my two sons surrounded by stars hidden on the underside, but my engagement ring is saved for special occasions, as it is a vintage piece from the 1920s set with a delicate stone – a rare Lightning Ridge black opal, surrounded by diamonds and emeralds. Earrings, however, are my latest vice; I’ve recently had extra piercings added to my lobes so that I can fill them with diamonds and pastel gemstones. Colorful enamel studs and huggie hoops by Alison Lou are next on my Wish List, and a yellow-gold Cartier ‘Panthère de Cartier’ watch is my ultimate aspiration.”

Charlie Boyd is a fan of symbolic jewels, with her talisman necklace proving a particularly cherished piece
Clockwise from top left: white-gold, diamond and sapphire earring, Maria Black; white-gold necklace, Lauren Rubinski; rose-gold, diamond hoop earrings and gold, diamond ring, both Messika; gold ring, Anita Ko; white-gold, diamond earring, Maria Tash

Gillian Brett, head of fashion content

“Jewelry is very sentimental for me. I don’t wear a lot of it (I like uncomplicated outfits, so any accessories need to fit the minimalist brief too), but the pieces I do wear every day are meaningful; there is something quite intimate about the ones you literally don’t take off. My ears are decorated with small diamond-dusted hoops by Maria Tash and Maria Black, given to me by my mum and boyfriend. When I had my daughter, my boyfriend gave me a gold ring with her name engraved on it. It’s very understated, so I love when it catches my eye throughout the day, and I see her name and smile. If I’m going out-out, I’ll wear a single, super-sparkly diamond earring by Messika that elevates even a low-key jeans-and-top combo, and works perfectly with my mix-and-match, never-take-off hoops.”

Kay Barron, fashion director

“I used to wear a lot of jewelry, loads. But each year I would switch categories. One year it would be stacks and stacks of rings, then I would grow bored of them and instead layer bracelets up one arm. Then I ditched those and moved onto my ears, with seven piercings in total. Then I learnt the value of investment pieces and stripped it all back overnight. Today, my everyday jewelry edit consists of one Maria Tash diamond hoop and a stud, a Suzanne Kalan diamond necklace, and an Anissa Kermiche onyx and diamond ring. Every piece I wear is something that I gifted myself for various occasions or achievements, and I am slowly building the collection. Next on the hit list is a Hermès Timepieces ‘Heure H’ watch, so I had better be very, very good in order to treat myself to that.”