The Ultra-Chic Homeware Pieces To Uplift Your Home

From mesmerizing accessories that finesse to irresistible tableware and textiles, these homewares will breathe new life into a space and elevate coziness for the season ahead, says KATIE BERRINGTON

Clockwise from top left: diary, Smythson; tray, Dolce & Gabbana; wine glasses (set of four), Completedworks; wooden heart bowl, Jia Jia; soup plates (set of four), Cabana; mohair blanket (on chair), Loewe; marble bookends, Soho Home

Blanketing textiles

From sumptuous cashmere and ultra-soft wool to plush, fuzzy mohair… enveloping pieces soften your interiors and add instant snug embellishment to a space. So choosing the perfect throw for a room (be it draped over an armchair or swathing the end of the bed) is the interiors equivalent of your winter-coat investment ­– and can make a bold statement in an eye-catching colour palette. Burberry’s wool-jacquard knit (which is just as stylish worn as an oversized poncho as it is as a sofa accessory) and Loewe’s supersized mohair blankets (modeled on the brand’s iconic fringed scarves), for instance, bring texture with vivid hues and a leather patch. Alternatively, consider more neutral pieces, such as Brunello Cucinelli’s signature alpaca and wool-blend knits, to let exquisitely soft textiles take center stage.

Dark materials

Create a serene and intimate atmosphere by incorporating pops of darker shades across your space. Natural materials will strike a balance between warmth and a connection to the outside, keeping the room feeling fresh, without forfeiting on coziness. Jia Jia’s stones imbue natural beauty and character, and each piece is unique, while Soho Home’s tonal marble and hand-cut wooden accessories make a stylish impact while being sleek and understated.

Tone-setting tableware

When it comes to curating your tablescapes of the season, look to rich, jewel tones in a vivid assortment. Tableware is an effortless way to adjust the mood of a space, whether it’s showcased in a glass cabinet or laid out ready for supper – be it a large celebration or an intimate dinner à deux. Experiment with a bolder scheme by considering a colorful upgrade to your collection, in a rainbow of shades and combining patterns. Brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, La DoubleJ, Cabana and Completedworks have all mastered tableware maximalism. For a special event, add a joyous uplift with layered textiles – tablecloths, placemats, napkins, coasters – to give an opulent sense of occasion.

Artwork and accessories

How you incorporate accessories can really finesse your space and add an extra layer of coziness. Eye-catching artworks, for instance, possess a room-defining power; while coffee-table tomes have a transportive ability (and none more so than Assouline’s wanderlust-inspiring books, whatever the weather might be). Pile a few weighty volumes on a table or leave turned to a favorite page on a sideboard, illuminated by a candle in a statuesque holder. Candles are a stalwart of snugness, so add enchanting, inviting scents – the earthier the better at this time of year – to create an utterly enveloping surrounding.



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