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5 of the best hydrating face masks

The beauty world is a little obsessed with face masks, but which formulas are really going to nourish your skin? CHANELLE HO reveals the best to banish dry spells and add a healthy glow


Top dermatologists and estheticians all agree that everyone – regardless of sex, age and even skin type – have dehydrated skin. Not to be confused with dry skin, which is down to a lack of oil, dehydrated skin is caused by a lack of water in the skin and affects every type (even oily). Low levels of moisture can give you a dull complexion, increase fine lines and wrinkles, make your skin feel tight, and even cause sensitivity and irritation. So, how can you restore your skin to a plump and bouncy state? These super-luxe hydrating face masks are a good place to start…

THE OVERNIGHT MASK Kypris Beauty Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask

If your dry skin comes with a serving of sensitivity, this jelly-textured mask quickly cools and calms any irritation. Blended with 36 active natural ingredients (including cherry-blossom extract to protect collagen breakdown, and tulsi flowers to tackle dryness and redness), it soothes as it melts into the skin and tops up moisture levels. Use it overnight for a more intensive treatment or slather it on post-flight, ski or sun.

THE SHEET MASK La Mer The Hydrating Facial

This is a cult product with good reason. La Mer’s sheet masks are a savior for dull complexions, fusing the brand’s famous signature Miracle Broth (with sea kelp to help skin retain moisture) with nourishing avocado oil to noticeably plump and brighten the skin after 10 minutes. Layer a hyaluronic acid serum underneath for an extra boost of hydration if your skin is particularly arid.

THE ORGANIC MASK Bamford Nourishing Mask

It’s no secret that shea butter and coconut oil are great skin hydrators – combine the two of them, and you have a moisturizing powerhouse in the form of this mask. Super-soft and lightweight, it’s deeply hydrating with all-organic ingredients and is suitable for oily skin types, too.

THE FLASH MASK Perricone MD Cocoa Moisture Mask

This luxurious chocolate-scented formula is rich and creamy in texture, but gentle enough for everyday use. It contains micro-capsules of cocoa that burst when massaged over the skin, releasing a hydrating cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants. Just five minutes of facial massage with this mask results in a soft, supple complexion.

THE BOOSTER MASK Nurse Jamie Face Wrap

Transform any moisturizer or serum into a sheet mask with this clever product from skin expert Jamie Sherrill. When applied after your usual serum or cream, this medical-grade silicone sheet clings to the contours of your face and has an occlusive effect that locks in moisture and pushes anything applied underneath deeper into the skin, where it’s needed most. Use it over a generous layer of plumping hyaluronic acid, or try it with a rich moisturizer.

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