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Everybody’s wearing yellow

From lemon to honey and butterscotch to banana, the season’s new happy-making shades are extra delicious


If you usually skip past this shade – the fashion equivalent of a slice of sunshine – hear us out. Yellow is the season’s standout color, seen as much on the streets as the catwalk, and with a surprisingly wide-ranging palette, you can make it mellow or choose to shine bright.

How you choose your hue all depends on your skin tone and your interest in turning heads. Bold can indeed be beautiful – see Bella Hadid’s co-ordinating pant suit, or Gala González’s chartreuse sweater and silk skirt combo – while there are plenty of fresh pastel tones around too (see Tamu McPherson and Charlotte Groenveld’s lemon looks for inspiration).

However high you turn up your brightness levels, wearing yellow is guaranteed to add some sartorial optimism to your wardrobe; expect smiling strangers on the work commute.

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