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How to maximize your face mask

A great sheet mask has quickly become an essential in our skincare wardrobes, thanks to its visible ‘before’ and ‘after’ effect on skin. But there are still ways to up the ante: NEWBY HANDS, a Beauty Director with almost 30 years’ experience and legendary judgement, explains how to get more mileage from your mask


Why they work

While a traditional cream or gel mask sits on the skin and slowly sinks in, using a sheet saturated in the same active ingredients ensures that the absorption rate is higher – the sheet literally pushes the product deeper. Now, new-gen cellulose masks are made to closely drape over the face like a second skin, covering every facial nook and cranny. Jamie Sherrill – aka Nurse Jamie of LA’s Beauty Park Medical Spa – has gone one step further with her Beauty Patches for your décolleté and face: re-usable silicone sheets that you can put over your own cocktail of skincare to make a bespoke sheet mask treatment.

Supercharge your skincare

“I always ‘add’ to a sheet mask,” says facial esthetician Nichola Joss. “Vitamin C is great as a general skin brightener, plus anything that hydrates is excellent to use underneath your mask.” Pre-mask, simply apply a hyaluronic acid serum or ampoule to guarantee an instant moisture and radiance boost. Dry, jet-lagged or after-sun skin, meanwhile, will benefit from a few drops of oil layered under a mask. Those lighter in color and texture tend to work more efficiently, as these are shown to be better absorbed and help pull active ingredients further into your skin.

Apply the pressure

“Contact is so important – even pressing down over the mask helps the ingredients get into the skin,” says Sherrill. “I tell clients to use my UpLift Massaging Beauty Roller, working it all over the mask to push everything in.” Easy to use, the UpLift also helps de-puff and contour the face. Alternatively, massage a jade roller firmly over your sheet mask.

Change the temperature

Store your sheet masks in the fridge, as anything cool will quickly de-puff, smooth and firm up your face, which is ideal first thing in the morning or pre-event. Conversely, using a warmed mask helps release tension and relax the face, and can even smooth out expression lines; I’ve found that floating one sachet in a running bath warms it up perfectly.

The over-makeup mask

Dry sheet masks are my new must-buy, and Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is just incredible. Infused with glow-giving, skin-plumping ingredients, the real beauty of these is that you can also wear them over makeup (unless your skin is very oily) to give the most incredible radiance to makeup and an almost porcelain finish to skin. Wear it for ten minutes over your finished look – I even do this while being driven to a dinner or party, whisking off my mask as the car is parked, but try it out first at home to see how it works on your skin.

  • Dr Sebagh
    Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream, 5 x 1.95g
  • Nurse Jamie
    Uplift Massage Beauty Roller
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm
    Hyaluronic Ampoules, 7 x 2ml
  • Charlotte Tilbury
    Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask x 4

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