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20 of the best hoop earrings

Featuring: Camille Charrière and Vanessa Hong

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that every outfit can be improved by a pair of hoop earrings. They’re the ultimate jewelry staple, boasting short-term impact and long-term appeal, which means you should have more than one pair at your disposal. Start with the simplest and most timeless; perfectly minimal, narrow gold hoops that are about two inches across. Next, look for a contemporary take; a pair that are slightly smaller but more detailed, whether they’re made from hammered gold or are twisted and knotted. Or mix it up with the latest street-style favorite, chunky mid-size hoops by the likes of Loren Stewart, Jennifer Fisher or Maria Black. Then, because there’s no reason you should stick to metals, choose an alternative such as enamel or resin in an irresistible shade. The ultimate way to complete the lineup? With a pair of hoops embellished with pearls. Rotate and repeat.


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