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Skincare Sunday: The good gizmos guide

There is more to good skin than great skincare. Beauty Director NEWBY HANDS reveals the at-home gadgets and genius beauty add-ons that make her – very discerning – cut.


Slip Silk Pillowcase

Beyond the glamour, there is science behind this: the weave of silk is shown to help seal in skin’s natural moisture, compared to cotton, which absorbs the moisture from our skin. Plus, the smooth finish of silk creates minimal friction on the skin (fewer wrinkles) and hair (less bedhead, so less breakage) and it keeps you cooler. Once you sleep on silk, there’s no going back.

Ziip Beauty Device + Golden Conductive Gel Duo

Unlike so many other face-firming, cheek-sculpting, skin-boosting devices, what I love about this – created by LA electrical esthetician Melanie Simon and FDA cleared – is how effortless it is to use. Download the app to choose the program best for your skin and, once you’ve mastered the basics of the muscle-tweaking micro-current routine, you can use it whenever you have a spare few minutes (in bed, watching a movie, while soaking in the bath). The more you use it, the better the improvement (up to 12 minutes, three times a week is ideal). I use it for a few minutes before I do my makeup.

Nurse Jamie Face Wrap

The reason why sheet masks work so well is that as the ‘sheet’ drapes over the face, it helps push the active ingredients of the ‘mask’ into the skin. Which is why LA-based Nurse Jamie Sherrill created this reusable silicone sheet, to turn your favorite hydrating serum or face cream into a more intensive treatment. Simply layer up your products and lay the FaceWrap on top to ensure the active ingredients penetrate deeper. You’ll see a difference.

Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite EyeCare Pro

As one of New York’s top skin doctors, Dr. Dennis Gross’ smart LED eye treat makes his expertise available to all of us. Looking like space-age sun specs, the 72 LEDs lights stimulate collagen, smoothing out and rejuvenating skin. Use daily for the first two weeks – keep them on the bedside cabinet so they become a part of your night-time routine.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facelift

Admittedly, this is not the most glamorous or hi-tech device, but it does the job and is so easy to use. Based on the hands-on technique of Chapman’s famous facials (Meghan Markle is a fan), you can roll these nodules over the jawline, neck and cheeks to release tension, drain puffiness and firm up features. Even better, apply a cream, hydrating serum or nourishing mask first (or layer up all three) and use this to massage firmly into the skin.

  • Slip
    Embroidered silk queen pillowcase
  • Ziip Beauty
    Ziip Device + Golden Conductive Gel Duo, 80ml
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
    SpectraLite EyeCare Pro
  • Nurse Jamie
    Face Wrap

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