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Beauty buyer’s picks: All-over oils

For NET-A-PORTER beauty buyer HEENA MOHAMMED, oils are a non-negotiable part of her beauty regime, giving an extra-nourishing and hydrating boost to face, lips and body. Here’s why…


THE GAME-CHANGING FACE OIL Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum in Gold Screen Print Illustration

“My skin is always dry but it can also easily break out, which leaves me in a bit of a conundrum: I need to hydrate without upsetting the balance and fast-tracking any blemishes. Recently, I’ve discovered why Vintner’s Daughter serum comes with such cult status. My skin has never felt more hydrated or calm – it’s changed the entire quality of my skin. I use the cocktail of 22 botanicals every day (around four drops), it absorbs easily and has since replaced my moisturizer and serum entirely. And, on days when my skin is feeling and looking particularly parched, I add one drop into my Tom Ford foundation – it’s like an Instagram-filter finish.”

THE BODY BEAUTIFIER Susanne Kaufmann Antioxidant Oil

“Body oils are often solely seen as a vacation extra when sun-blushed skin needs a hit of hydration, but I use one year-round to nourish my dry skin, neck to toe. My latest discovery is the deliciously earthy-scented, non-greasy Susanne Kaufmann oil, which is heavy-duty on hydration but lightweight on finish. I go through a bottle every month as I apply up to four capfuls each day after my morning shower, concentrating on elbows and knees.”

THE LIP GLOSS-OIL HYBRID Christian Louboutin Beauty Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil - Rouge Louboutin

“As someone who is color-shy, I used to opt for a nude lip over bolder hues, but the new Christian Louboutin Beauty lip oil has changed that. The plumping and sheer-pigmented jojoba oil allows me to control the dose of red using my fingers: from a subtle, featherlight red stain to dialing it up by layering it twice, or using it as a top coat for a more striking statement. Unlike other lip oils I’ve tried, this doesn’t have too much ‘slip’, so management is minimal. You can also add color to your cheeks by placing a fingerprint on the cheekbone and blending upwards – it creates a sheeny stain that catches the light beautifully.”



The model featured in this story is not associated with NET-A-PORTER and does not endorse it or the products shown.