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How to do an at-home facial

At the moment, the regular peel-mask-massage routine is the closest we can get to a salon facial, but you can turn those moments of self-care into a more focused skincare regimen. NEWBY HANDS asks top aesthetician TINE HAGELQUIST how to A-game your facial from home


Pimp your peel

“I love a good exfoliating peel rather than a scrub – and Dr Sebagh’s Deep Exfoliating Mask is very good,” says Hagelquist (he also does one for sensitive skin). “But you can make it even better by adding vitamin C powder [or a serum], mixing it together and leaving it on your skin for five minutes. The effect is quite amazing – so if you want glowing skin, you should definitely add vitamin C to your peel.”

Deep-clean with clay

“I’m a great believer in using clay masks to detox your skin and refine the pores. If you’re using powdered clay, try adding some pineapple juice or yogurt instead of water, as both have a gentle peeling effect. But before using any type of clay mask, apply a warm, damp face cloth to your skin first – this opens up the pores so you get a better result from the mask.”

Massage away the tension

“After removing the clay mask, use a really good oil to work into your skin – focus on the jawline in particular, as you can get a lot of tension there. Use your knuckles to work up along the jawline and into the big muscle where the top and bottom jaw join – this is where we hold all the tension. Then use the index and middle fingers, opened up in a V-shape, like scissors, and slide them from the chin to under the ears, where the lymph nodes are. You need a light touch with lymph because, if you’re too heavy-handed, you won’t drain away any puffiness.”

The tools to use

“A gua sha massage tool is great for reducing puffiness in the face. You can run it outwards along the jawline and cheekbones and work it right in to release those tight muscles in the corner of the jaw. I also love the jade or rose-quartz rollers, and it’s good to keep them in the fridge so you can use them chilled. Finally, the beautiful Angela Caglia Rose Quartz Eye Buds are brilliant to massage under and around the eyes.”

The double-duty face cream

“Rather than using a moisturizing mask or sheet mask, you can use a cream as your mask. I regularly use Dr Sebagh Luminous Cream but apply it in a much thicker layer and leave it on for 20 minutes. The cream doesn’t have to be super-rich; the Luminous cream is oil-free so it’s good for all skin types, but used like this it’s amazing for tightening the skin. You can then massage it in, or tissue off what’s left on your skin, and finish with an essence – SK-II, Omorovicza and Chantecaille all do good ones. A toner removes any cleanser and rebalances the skin’s pH, while an essence leaves it hydrated – start using one and it can make a 100 percent difference to your skin.”

Don’t forget your hands

“Waiting for the cream mask to work is the perfect time to treat your hands. Mix up some sugar and a few drops of body oil or coconut oil, and massage it into your hands as a scrub – it’s gentle and the oil leaves skin beautifully nourished. Serums are great on the backs of the hands, especially anything with hyaluronic acid to hydrate. Let that sink in, then mix some vitamin C powder or serum into your hand cream, apply liberally and massage in.”



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