High-Tech Beauty Tools That Can Really Transform Your Skin

Thanks to a new generation of pro skincare devices, some of the world’s most popular in-clinic treatments can now be done at home. Here, NEWBY HANDS reveals the best tech and tools that will bring the beauty clinic to your bathroom



If it’s a good glow you’re after, microneedling is a hugely popular in-spa and clinic treatment, and – depending on who carries it out (an aesthetician or a doctor) – the needling will go deeper, creating micro-damage to stimulate more collagen for a better result. These in-bathroom versions, however, are used more as a delivery system, allowing products to be better absorbed. But what makes these products so good is that, unlike other home needling kits, you can’t overdo it – so skin will be dewy and refreshed, not sore and reactive. With the ‘needles’ themselves actually made of hyaluronic acid and peptides, they dissolve as you roll to ensure the potent ingredients are left in, not on, your skin – it’s a great treatment to do the night before an event to give you glowing skin the following day.


The standout stars of our at-home regimen, these fuss-free, pain-free, science-backed devices require little more than regular charging – and are a great way to improve your skin’s tone and texture. Using Nasa-approved technology (red light helps wound-healing in space), they can now be used to treat breakouts, encourage healthy hair growth, stimulate collagen production, and work on the face and body (and even aid sleep). But consistency is key: when I used the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro daily for three months, I saw a real change to the quality of my skin.


The gold standard in-clinic technology to lift and tighten skin, radio frequency uses heat to create a controlled damage that the skin then repairs by producing new, fresh collagen – hence a firmer texture. Non-invasive and with no downtime (it works in, not on, the skin), these devices give you the same technology, if a little dialed down, to use at home. Worked over the face, they feel warm to comfortably hot and are safe and simple to use. Best of all, they can also create short-term tightening, so are ideal pre-event, while consistent and regular use (two to three times per week) will produce visible, long-term results.


If you want to firm and define your contours, this well-established technology works deep to clench and hold muscles to a degree not otherwise physically possible – and, now, with these at-home tools, you get the same effects for the face. Low on glamor but high on efficacy, the electrical muscle stimulation takes some getting used to (it can clench the jaw so hard you literally can’t move a muscle), so my advice is to start low and build up. But it’s worth it for visibly re-sculpting your jawline and cheekbones, while the gentler eye mask helps to de-puff and relax screen-weary eyes. While a slightly different technology, the microcurrents used by NuFace produce a low-grade yet mighty electrical impulse to sculpt and tighten facial muscles. The accompanying app schools you through an easy-to-follow lifting routine, while the three modes (Skin Tightening, Instant Lift and Pro Toning) engage the muscles in your face, prompting them to contract and lift. The results are most noticeable immediately after use, so we suggest using it for five minutes each morning.


In clinics around the world, hot lasers have long been used to resurface the skin, but this cold version gives similar benefits without burning. In fact, you feel absolutely nothing as you work the laser over your skin and, because it’s cold, it can be used on all skin tones. Developed from light technology used to regenerate cartilage and tendons, this home device works on multiple layers, including the connective tissue and collagen, as well as superficial thread veins, pigmentation and scars. The only downside is that you have to be dedicated, ideally using it twice a day, for 15 minutes each time, for the first three months – then a couple of times a week to maintain results. However, with no beeping, flashing lights or sensation of warmth, it’s not the most exciting device to use. My advice is to keep it by the TV remote and use it while watching your favorite series. And stick with it, because the wins are absolutely worth the effort.


It may not sound terribly high-tech, but vibration is an excellent tool for helping your skincare work harder. And these particular tools have been designed to replicate in-clinic treatments, combining vibration with acoustic sound waves (the Shani Darden Facial Sculpting Wand) and hot and cool massage (Joanna Vargas’ Magic Glow Wand). To make the most of these vibrational benefits, cleanse and then apply a layer of serum before using the tools. You can use them morning or evening – but our preference is in the morning, when skin can look and feel puffy.

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