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Angela Missoni’s golden rules

As she enters her 21st year as creative director of Missoni – the 65-year-old Italian family brand that transcends the fashion zeitgeist with its signature prints – the free-spirited designer shares some words of wisdom

Angela Missoni debuted her first collection for her family’s label in 1997

Take a moment for yourself every day. I don’t MEDITATE, but when I wake up, I always take a deep breath and stay in the MOMENT with my thoughts. It settles me.

Don’t WORRY if you’re not a good cook. You can make something AMAZING by THROWING together good vegetables, a bit of cheese and a few eggs. It’s cheap, too.

Occasionally SKIP dinner and spend the whole evening ENJOYING an aperitivo. My favorite is a Negroni Sbagliato (a ‘mistaken’ Negroni) – use PROSECCO instead of gin.

My secret for a GOOD party? Flattering lighting, good seating, and FOOD and drink dotted around the house in different places so everyone isn’t squashed TOGETHER.

Having a BAD day? Let it go by surrounding yourself with the PEOPLE you LOVE, and change the subject.

Good fashion LASTS – buy things you feel comfortable in, that ENHANCE what you like best about your appearance, and try NEW ways of wearing old clothes.

If you have a garden, give cuttings as presents. I enjoy gardening a lot – the SATISFACTION of seeing something you’ve planted grow is IMMENSE.

Mix up your ROUTINE. If you’ve been walking down the same street for years, turn down a DIFFERENT one and find out what’s happening there. It gives you a sense of FREEDOM.

On bad days, FOCUS on the good. There are no mistakes; it’s all EXPERIENCE. I still have a very good relationship with the father of my CHILDREN. He still gets on my nerves, but instead of being annoyed, I think to myself, “It’s all going to be okay.”

Don’t wait for others to figure out what you’re thinking – show your FEELINGS. I never HIDE anything from my kids.

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