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Mind & Body

Tracy Anderson’s AM/PM routine

How does US fitness icon Tracy Anderson juggle working out the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez with running seven exercise studios, family life and staying in incredible physical shape herself? She shares the daily beauty and wellness schedule that makes it possible



I wake up my family by singing…

…“Good Morning” from Singin’ in the Rain, like my Mom did with me when I was little.

I do breakfast right…

…usually an organic coffee with steamed cashew milk and cinnamon, or sometimes a matcha latte. To eat, I switch between eggs or a smoothie. My favorite shake recipe is a handful of Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate Chips in a Vitamix. I add two scoops of my Chocolate Restart Protein Shake, half a cup of organic cashew milk, water and blend – it’s delicious.

I use a vitamin C lotion…

…it’s the one change I’ve made to my daily skincare regime, and so many of my clients and friends have remarked on how fresh my skin is looking.

I work clients out every day…

…and only serious illness will stop me from showing up. I also make sure I fit in my own workout every day, which is one hour and 15 minutes of my Attain Definition class. It has taken me ten years of research to create this low-impact, results-driven workout, and I’ve never had an injury or a pain as a consequence. My method of working out is about feeling connected to your body and targeting those smaller muscles that give a sculpted, feminine definition.

Meditation doesn’t come easy to me…

…but I try to listen to myself when I need a minute, five minutes or even 60 minutes to slow down. Thoughtfulness is always what I try and lead with, but if I’m not achieving that, I work out why and how it happened so I can learn from my mistakes.

“I lean into the people I love if I need a boost of energy when I’m tired or frustrated. A hug from my children immediately gives me an extra battery pack of charge”
Tracey Anderson


Worrying keeps me awake…

…particularly when something is off, or I have a toxic person trying to steer my life or be opportunistic. To help switch my mind off, I watch episodes of my favorite show, Curb Your Enthusiasm; it’s a guilty pleasure, but I fall asleep halfway through each episode.

I lean into the people I love…

…if I need a boost of energy when I’m tired or frustrated. A hug from my children, Penny and Sam, immediately gives me an extra battery pack of charge.

I use a face mask most nights…

…and every other night I use a Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad if I’m feeling a little pale and need a hit of color for my face. Then to relax and help me feel a little more centered, I roll on Tata Harper Aromatic Irritability Treatment on pulse points – it never leaves my bedside table.

I love a bath with benefits…

…I use a ton of bath salts in the tub every evening to help ease my body from a day of training clients. I mix Himalayan and Epsom salts together, along with essential oils to ease my muscles and replenish the minerals I lose when I work out. The magnesium also helps with any muscle soreness.

I always write notes when I read…

…so I keep a stack of recyclable notebooks next to my bed. I also do Purge Emotional Writing (PEW-12) from time to time, which is writing about whatever is on your mind, unedited, for 12 minutes (the number 12 symbolizes balance). It’s incredibly cathartic and helps me leave behind any negativity from the day.

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