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How to get your best hair color yet

Jennifer Lopez is among hairstylist Chris Appleton’s A-list clients

Responsible for the ever-changing hair transformations of Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, hair stylist and Color Wow ambassador CHRIS APPLETON shares his expert advice on caring for colored hair


Condition as you color

“I condition at every step of the coloring process, not just afterwards – that’s the mistake everyone makes. When I took Kim Kardashian West white blond, we did it over a week and half, and at every stage that I lifted the color, I conditioned. I also use Olaplex (you can use Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector at home) to rebuild the hair bonds before any coloring treatment, which gives the hair strength.”

Give your hair a week off

“Stay away from heat after coloring and don’t go straight back into styling,” says Appleton. “It really affects condition, texture and color. Hair is particularly sensitized afterwards, so styling it is like applying more heat on top of sunburn.”

Don’t stress out wet hair

“Hair is at its weakest when wet, so even tying your hair back adds stress and tension, causing it to break. Allowing hair to air-dry for just five to 10 minutes, resisting the urge to brush through, will let hair regain its strength.”

Treat your hair consistently

“There is no one miracle product that’s going to transform your hair. The key to beautiful hair is conditioning and treating on a regular basis. With styling, pollution and general wear and tear, hair is always in need of more moisture and protein, so ensure you apply a mask every few days.”

Be savvy about shampoo

“I always use a sulphate-free shampoo, like Color Wow Color Security Shampoo, between coloring to prevent stripping and unnecessary product build-up at the roots.”

Avoid over-washing

“Any color is super-delicate, so I recommend using dry shampoo whenever possible to extend time between washes.”



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