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The beauty game changer: A lip oil

Christian Louboutin Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil

Could changing from gloss to oil be the key to achieving lasting color? DANIELLE FOX reviews the latest lip innovation


There are two types of people in the world – those who loathe lip gloss, and those who love nothing more than the glass-like shine it creates. In recent years, gloss (and its tacky texture) has been relegated to the bottom of our makeup bags, which may have had something to do with flyaway hair sticking to our lips. So what to do if you like the idea of a shiny, glossy red lip but not the constant management that usually comes with it? The arrival of a new generation of super-luxe lip oils is your answer.

How to use it

The Rouge Louboutin Loubibelle lip oil has all the glamour of a sheer red lip but without any stickiness, giving you a veil of the classic color – which regularly tops beauty bestseller lists – plus a beautiful high-shine finish. You can use it three ways. First, as a subtle stain, by using your fingers to press on the featherlight tinted jojoba oil. For more obvious color, swipe on twice for a soft but by no means subtle lip. And for the most striking statement, layer it as a top coat over your favorite red lipstick to add extra drama.

The bonus

In the same way that you can use lipstick – but never sticky gloss – you can use oil to add color to your cheeks by placing a fingerprint of product onto the cheekbone and blending upwards. It gives a sheeny stain that catches the light beautifully. And if you want to add drama to eyes, add a touch of the oil to lids and pair with a carbon-black mascara on lashes.

The verdict

All the glamour of a modern gloss with none of the stickiness.


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