Championing people


Championing people


Championing people

At NET‑A‑PORTER, we believe in the power of people to make meaningful change. Our aim is to help build a future that belongs to everyone, in which everyone feels they belong, through our diverse and inclusive team and culture.

Diversity and inclusion

We are dedicated to increasing diversity among the designers we retail by supporting more BIPOC-owned brands and working to offer more varied sizing.

We take pride in providing our audiences with rich and varied content across our channels. This includes shoots, features and video content that celebrate the work of a diverse range of designers, brand founders, photographers, artists, talent and activists.


Incredible Women

Incredible Women are at the heart of the diverse NET‑A‑PORTER community, from our customers, brand partners and designers to the tastemakers and innovators in our storytelling. We champion bold and brave women, challenging the status quo and pushing for transformative change, be that through our Incredible Women podcast, Incredible Women Talks and events, campaigns or our profiles on PORTER.

We celebrate the female force all around the world and believe in the power of fashion to help women realize their best selves.


The Vanguard

Each year, NET‑A‑PORTER champions a selection of brands scouted and empowered through our global program, The Vanguard, which provides bespoke mentorship, connections to industry specialists, and access to our platforms seen by millions. The program has supported 22 businesses since launching in 2018, of which 60% are BIPOC-owned.

As an extension of the mentorship program, The Vanguard Education Fund launched in 2021 in partnership with the British Fashion Council, and sees NET‑A‑PORTER engage with a network of universities to encourage more diverse talent and to help students as they embark on their professional journeys in the industry.



From artists and DJs to digital disrupters, #THENETWORK is our global community of inspiring, stylish women. See how these tastemakers and thought leaders from around the world wear their favorite NET‑A‑PORTER pieces, celebrating their individuality and the transformative force of fashion.



People and Planet

Discover the initiatives and innovations driving our efforts for lasting change.


Respecting our planet

Discover how we’re working to reduce the impact of our operations and championing circularity to respect our planet’s boundaries.