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What the ‘filler facial’ does to your skin

The lip-plumping, face-reshaping effects of injectable hyaluronic acid-based filler have been well documented, but now there’s a new way to give the skin deep, long-term hydration. NEWBY HANDS has the lowdown on Profhilo and Volite, the ‘filler facial’ treatments


How it works

Think of this as an injectable skin cream. In the same way that a great hyaluronic acid serum plumps up dry skin from the outside, HA-based filler does the same from within – hydrating your skin for up to six months. Unlike the thicker, volumizing filler that’s injected deeper in the skin to fill out features, this more viscous version is injected more superficially. As it’s more fluid, it disperses into the skin to spread its moisture-boosting effects. And it’s shown to do more than just hydrate – HA filler is now known to boost new collagen, meaning even healthier, smoother skin in the long term.

What the 'filler facial' involves

These treatments are certainly not for needle-phobes, as they involve multiple injections. “For Volite we inject up to 50 places over the face,” says Dr Alexis Granite, who offers both treatments at the Mallucci London clinic. “For Profhilo we inject a slightly thicker filler, but in just 10 points in the lower face (from the cheeks down) and the neck. The treatments are fairly interchangeable and much depends on each patient’s needs; for example, on someone who isn’t right for Botox, we can use Volite instead to soften the forehead or to smooth crepey skin around the eyes. Make sure you go to a doctor who offers both.” Do expect some pain (more than discomfort) – while numbing cream or ice can be used for the more superficial Volite, the deeper Profhilo injections are painful, though they are bearable and over quickly. It’s wise to plan ahead, as Volite leaves small marks for a few days, while Profhilo can create small visible lumps in the skin for a similar period, and both can leave tiny bruises.

What to expect

“The best way to describe it is that your skin just looks amazing; ‘dewy’ and ‘airbrushed’ are the two comments I hear most often from patients who have had these treatments,” says Dr Granite. Having tried both myself, I have to agree; once all the little lumps and micro-bruising have settled down, your skin looks as though you have just had a facial, except it looks like that every day. Within a week you can expect to start hearing comments on how healthy, glowing and luminous your complexion is – and, best of all, it lasts for months.


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