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Jane Goodall’s golden rules

After nearly 60 years of studying primates, the pioneering British ethologist continues to inspire the world with her passion for nature. She shares her rules for a life worth living

Treat OTHERS as you would like them to TREAT you – this is the golden rule of virtually every major RELIGION.

Respect people, RESPECT their opinions. Above all, be KIND – and this most definitely includes ANIMALS.

NEVER give up – there is always a way forward. Never lose HOPE. For if we lose hope, we fall into APATHY and do nothing.

“As thy days, so shall your STRENGTH be.” That was my grandmother’s FAVORITE text from The Bible. Just think, you only have to get through TODAY; don’t worry about TOMORROW.

Nurture the CHILD within you, never lose the sense of WONDER and awe – and make time for fun and LAUGHING.

Spend time in NATURE and try to stop circling thought so you can hear the insects and the birds SINGING, and that “still, small voice within”. Be in touch with the natural WORLD. Look for little plants pushing through the paving stones in a city, the sparrows flitting in an airport.

Make an impact on the PLANET. I try to think about the CONSEQUENCES of my actions – what I buy, eat, wear, and so on. Where did it come from? Did it cause child slave labor or come from a sweat shop? Did it cause HARM to animals or the environment? Is that why it is so cheap? Try to leave as light an ECOLOGICAL footprint as possible.

Never become confrontational. When trying to PERSUADE someone to think differently, the best way is to tell STORIES, stories that will reach the HEART.

NEVER leave until TOMORROW what you can DO today.

Try to LIVE up to your RULES, even though, like me, you may sometimes FAIL.


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