Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Guide To Clear, Glowing Skin

She is the beauty entrepreneur and supermodel who describes her skin as a moving target that changes daily. Here, ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY shares the tips, products and devices she uses to calm, balance and clear her breakout-prone complexion

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Be gentle with your skin

While it’s important to use a selection of powerful, hard-hitting ingredients to combat acne-prone skin, it’s equally vital to choose products that nurture and hydrate. If your skin becomes too dehydrated, it could act up by over-compensating and producing more oil. Recently, I’ve just been using rosewater to cleanse my face in the morning, as opposed to a cleansing wash. I also love Skin Design London products: they are effective, with excellent ingredients, but still feel nurturing and gentle; I love the brand’s Sleeping Beauty Crème.

Daily exfoliation is key

It encourages regular cell turnover of the skin. My toner is gentle enough for daily use and contains powerful ingredients that purify, exfoliate and brighten. This helps to refresh the complexion without disrupting the microbiome and the skin’s surface.

Use LED light therapy

When I have time, I love to lie under an LED mask. The blue light helps manage the bacteria, while the red light encourages the healing process of any breakouts I may have.

Have regular facials

[Internationally renowned beauty specialist] Nilam Holmes has been doing my facials for the past few years. Her in-depth knowledge of the body, and her confidence with the techniques she applies, make her facials incredibly effective and relaxing. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Icing is essential to bring down inflammation

This is particularly true after flying, when your skin feels dehydrated and puffy – and also post-treatment, or if you have a breakout. I love to use the Rose Inc ice globes, which I keep in my freezer; but, if I’m not at home, ice cubes wrapped in gauze work just as well.

Use non-comedogenic products

These are products that are formulated without potentially pore-clogging ingredients. I‘ve been amazed by how using non-comedogenic products has allowed me to manage my acne-prone skin. This is why it’s essential for me to make all Rose Inc products non-comedogenic, including our color cosmetics – my must-haves are the Rose Inc concealer, blush and tinted serum.

Stay hydrated

Daily water intake, plus sleep and exercise, are so important for the entire body to work efficiently. I really notice a difference in my wellbeing when I’m drinking plenty of water. If you find it difficult drinking plain water, try flavoring it with your favorite fruit and fresh mint.

Take a daily probiotic

I once heard an expert say the gut is the second brain, which really resonated with me. Gut health is key, so a daily probiotic and lots of fermented foods or apple cider vinegar are a must.