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Get dressed with Alexandra Carl

ALEXANDRA CARL is one of the most in-demand stylists in the industry. Here, she shines a light on how to inject your own closet with her sought-after, boy-meets-girl aesthetic


Find your uniform

“When I moved to London, I found it so freeing that no one really seems to care what anyone else is wearing. It made me feel a bit cynical towards the uniformity of Danish style. However, in recent years, I’ve realized that it’s my heritage and I shouldn’t dismiss it entirely. There’s a real strength to knowing who you are and having your own distinct look, because real style doesn’t change from season to season. I have found my uniform and I would never wear anything that didn’t feel like me just because it was ‘in fashion’. There’s quite a masculine sensibility to my look; however, I do love to add a pop of color, like a silk scarf. Women can definitely be more playful with their style than men, but I really love men’s tailoring; it’s so chic and effortless and all about playing with the subtleties rather than the exaggerations. It’s the same with jewelry: I feel like it should complement a look, not overpower it.”

Carl’s distinct style uniform includes chic mannish tailoring with the occasional pop of color, such as a yellow bag

Less is more

“I’ve never been big into beauty – the only products I use are a cleanser, hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer. My makeup routine is similarly low-key; I don’t like piling lots of products onto my skin. Recently, though, I discovered Nuriss clinic on Harley Street in London, and it’s my new skincare addiction. They do the most amazing facials and their treatments aren’t superficial – they really focus on making your skin healthier in the long-term. I hardly wore any makeup on my wedding day because my skin was in such good condition after having regular appointments in the run-up to the big day.”

L-R: Rejina Pyo, Chloé, Rejina Pyo

Support female designers

“I don’t tend to dress for events or have a formula for how I put a look together; I like wearing clothes that make me feel comfortable and confident. I think that’s why I am so drawn to female designers: there is a certain freedom to the way their clothes move. I don’t like anything that feels restrictive. Lately, Chloé has become my go-to for amazing tailoring; Natacha Ramsay-Levi makes the most perfectly cut blazers that you just can’t find anywhere else. I also love Rejina Pyo because she makes joyful clothes for women who want to be taken seriously but don’t take themselves too seriously.”

Invest in forever pieces

“I like to invest in timeless pieces that I’ll be wearing for the next 20 years and can pass down to my kids one day. It was playing with my own mom’s closet and the amazing pieces she’d collected when she was living in Paris that got me into styling in the first place. It’s just not sustainable to purchase things you’ll wear only a few times. I remember reading an interview with Haider Ackermann where he asked, ‘Why would you be seduced by something only to throw it away after one season?’ I want clothes that I can grow old with, that tell a story. My most treasured pieces are the things I wear the most, like denim, and certain coats that, as soon as I put them on, give me a sense of confidence and strength that makes me feel like I can conquer the world.”

Carl likes to invest in pieces that she can see herself wearing for decades to come

Redefine ‘dressing up’

“I feel more attractive and feminine in things that I can move around in, like a draped silk top and tailored pants. That’s how I dress up – it feels truer to my style. When it came to my wedding, I was always convinced I’d wear a suit, and Racil did make me the perfect white tuxedo for the rehearsal, but eventually I decided I did want a dress. When you’re getting married, there can be a lot of pressure to find the most spectacular dress and, no matter how confident you are in your style, that can be really overwhelming. But at the end of the day you have to find something that really works for you, even if it doesn’t tick everyone else’s boxes. Self-Portrait’s Han Chong designed my dress; he knows me so well and knew I wanted it to be simple but also suggested subtle details, like the hand-embroidered pearls and cape that made it feel really incredible.”

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