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6 of the best skincare sets for the holidays

Isabel Marant FW18

Whether your skin is in need of a detox, a quick refresh or a total overhaul for party season, these targeted skincare systems are designed to give you that coveted supermodel glow in as little as 10 days. Your countdown to great skin starts now… By CHANELLE HO


THE 10-DAY SKIN RESURFACER Sarah Chapman Power A Renewal System

We all know that retinol is a rejuvenating skincare essential – it resurfaces the skin, treats pigmentation and improves texture. This program has measured concentrated doses of vitamin A (retinol) and hyaluronic acid (HA), making it ideal post-summer or post-winter, when your skin needs a refresh. It’s a good one to try if you have sensitive skin because it’s a less aggressive version of clinical peels.

  • Sarah Chapman
    Power A Renewal System, 10 x 1ml

THE 4-WEEK SKIN OVERHAUL Sisley Paris Sisleÿa-Elixir Intensive Program

As we age, our skin’s ability to repair itself slows down, plus external environmental stresses such as pollution and UV rays degrade it even further. These formulas fight against that damage and kick-start the skin’s repair system. After one month – you have to use it continuously, no slacking – your skin looks as though you’ve given it a spring clean: gleaming, well cared for and crucially more ‘receptive’ to your other creams and serums. It’s a good program to follow at the start of a new season to recalibrate your complexion.

  • Sisley - Paris
    Sisleÿa-Elixir Intensive Program, 4 x 5ml

THE 15-DAY DETOX FOR CITY SKIN Susanne Kaufmann Pollution Skin Defense System

For city-dwellers or frequent flyers, this 15-day skin detox is a godsend to help you strengthen your skin’s barrier and boost its ability to carry out natural repairs to the cells. And it’s not just UV rays and pollution you should consider – cell phone and laptop screens emit blue HEV light that contributes to the breakdown of collagen. If you can’t (or don’t want to) ditch the screens altogether, use these three sets of five ampoules that include vitamin C, which protects against damage and brightens skin, too.

  • Susanne Kaufmann
    Pollution Skin Defense System

THE THREE-STEP FACIAL Natura Bissé Diamond Instant Glow

While it’s not a program to use continually, this three-step DIY detox facial is a last-minute lifesaver, designed to give you instantly perfect skin before putting on your makeup. Start with the resurfacing glycolic acid and AHA peel; then use the second ampoule, a silky, velvety emulsion that soothes the skin after exfoliation. Lastly, ‘lift’ and tighten the skin with the collagen- and protein-infused serum.

THE 10-DAY GLOW GIVER Sarah Chapman Radiance Recharge System

London-based facialist Sarah Chapman (who prepped Meghan Markle before her wedding day) is nearly impossible to book without at least four months’ notice. Luckily, this ten-day skin program gives you that fresh-from-a-facial glow we’re all after. Ideal to use in the run-up to a party or special occasion, the rotation of gentle peels, vitamins and HA has been carefully thought through and prescribed for specific days: Day 1 preps your skin for Day 2, and so on. By Day 10, your skin will be glowing, with or without a prince charming by your side.

  • Sarah Chapman
    Radiance Recharge System, 10 x 1ml

THE 28-DAY SKIN RENEWAL SYSTEM 111Skin LUNAR28 Day Brightening and Anti-Aging System

This is a clever one-month plan that takes all the key active ingredients that we know create great skin and puts them in a well-considered order, so that each serum delivers maximum results. With a mixture of exfoliating enzymes, brightening vitamin C, retinol and plumping HA, your skin should look transformed by the end of the four weeks.

  • 111Skin
    LUNAR28 Day Brightening and Anti-Aging System

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