3 Hacks To Look Less Tired Right Now

It’s one of the world’s most frequently asked beauty questions: “How can I look less tired?” NEWBY HANDS finds the answer


2021 was another extraordinary year, so it’s not surprising that many of us are feeling more than a little exhausted – both mentally and physically. A study by Harvard University reported that the pandemic, and the associated disrupted daily routines and stress, have resulted in many of us experiencing frequent sleepless nights. The result is that many of us feel as if we’re living under a constant fog of exhaustion, which often presents itself as dark circles and lackluster skin. While we can’t offer an instant remedy for a decent night’s sleep, we can help you minimize the visible impact that loss of sleep has on your complexion.

Treat your eyes

Your eyes are the first place to show tiredness (they literally get smaller and more closed up as you tire, on top of developing dark shadows), so targeting them is a quick way to fight visible signs of fatigue. “I do the same treatment on myself as I do on my clients,” says LA-based aesthetician Shani Darden. “I keep hydrating eye masks in the fridge – using them cold works incredibly well on crepey, dehydrated skin. Then I use the NuFace facial toning device – it’s so good on the puffy, pouchy skin under the eyes.”

Recapture your glow

“Don’t make the mistake of believing there’s one amazing cream or one perfect mask – there isn’t,” says aesthetician Mimi Luzon. “Great skin is the result of the right skincare routine and good habits. Uneven skin tone and texture makes any skin look dull, so use a skin peel weekly to get that freshness back. If your skin is sensitive use lactic acid; alternatively, malic- or kojic-based peels are excellent for brightening.” Post-peel is when you use your mask (“It’s what makes skin glow,” says Luzon), but according to every expert I speak to, the secret lies in choosing the mask that suits your skin and targets the issue you have with it. “Clay masks are great for absorbing oil, dry skin always needs moisturizing, and every skin type will benefit from a hydrating mask,” says Luzon.

Use a night cream

With so much focus on serums, oils and ampoules, too many of us have given up on using night creams, but according to the professionals, going without leaves our skin looking dull and tired. “Women like to go to bed ‘clean’ and let their skin ‘breathe’, but that’s not how it works; healthy skin needs nourishment, something to ‘eat’ at night,” says Luzon.


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