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The Fashion Memo

The style rules: watch wardrobing

Once you have chosen your perfect timepiece, deciding how you want to style it is where the real fun begins. From contrasting golds to lessons in layering, NET-A-PORTER’s global buying director ELIZABETH VON DER GOLTZ and fashion director KAY BARRON advise on where to start…


Mix your metals

“To me, if your timepiece is gold, then it is more contemporary to wear it with platinum or silver fine-jewelry pieces. It’s all about a balance of warm and cool tones.” Kay Barron

“This is ideal if you love your golds, but I always think mixing two is better than all three – so, a yellow-gold watch with rose, or platinum with gold. To make a more dramatic statement, add diamond accents.” Elizabeth von der Goltz

Color play

“Rainbow stones are very popular in fine jewelry, and they are super-playful as a partner with a more serious watch. Don’t be afraid to fuse different shades – together, they create a strong and joyful story.” EvdG

“If the face of your timepiece is blue, it’s amazing how much it will pop if you wear matching sapphire stones. Even from a distance, an earring will shine all the brighter if it complements your wrist.” KB

Stack it

“More is more! When it comes to stacking on the wrists, I encourage a mix of beads, gemstones, gold and charms. However, with a precious-metal watch, stack fitted bracelets on that wrist to avoid scratches.” EvdG

“When stacking with your watch, keep bracelets to a minimum – perhaps one fitted bracelet in a contrasting metal on your watch wrist – but play with rings. On the opposite hand, layer up the delicate with the statement; on the same hand, balance with one stack of coordinating pieces.” KB