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Build your forever closet with Alexander McQueen’s timeless creations

With an emphasis on flawless quality and innovative design that strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and classic, Alexander McQueen’s latest collection will lift your wardrobe to another level


Founded almost 30 years ago by Lee Alexander McQueen, the British fashion house has spent three decades at the forefront of fashion. Over this time, the label has transformed from maverick independent name to an international force to be reckoned with. Today, under the creative direction of Sarah Burton, the label is so central to British fashion and to British identity, it is easy to forget that, compared to many heritage brands, it is still a relatively new player. However, time and time again, Burton reinforces the strength of the label producing exquisite collections that speak to modern women – perfectly blending anarchic edge with a feminine sensibility.

This season was no exception. While the label might be London-based, for the Fall/Winter 202 pre-collection, Burton went further afield for inspiration, looking to the languid elegance of the Scottish Art Nouveau movement and that country’s flora and fauna. The collection is an ode, too, to the lustrous minerals and metal ores that lie beneath the earth’s surface.

Burton’s design mastery is such that each and every piece she creates is destined to become a collector’s item. The allure of Alexander McQueen lies in the label’s ability to create one-of-a-kind closet classics. To purchase a piece is to own a piece of fashion history in the making.

As lockdown restrictions worldwide remain in a state of flux, many of us have been using our extra time to clean out our closets, with the process forcing us to question what it is we truly want from our clothes. Right now, we’re asking more than ever before from the pieces in our closet – comfort, refinement and the ability to raise our spirits. The demands of an at least partially self-isolating life may be different, but that doesn’t mean we have to let our sartorial standards slip. It is while trying to perfect this delicate balancing act, that many women have found it is the most precious pieces that serve them best.

Burton’s magic is her ability to take forever garments and elevate them through the use of the finest fabrics, the most impeccable attention to cut, proportion and finish and entirely unique design details. From this season’s two-tone blazer to the woollen dress and double-breasted coat , these pieces are as effortless as they are elegant, and they work for all manner of occasions. Whether dressing for an important meeting or an evening with friends, these plush pieces are sure to turn heads. The same is true of a scarlet suit cut from satin; the double-breasted, waist-cinching design creates a universally flattering hourglass silhouette. Forgo a dress in favor of this and a pair of barely-there sandals for a knockout date-night look.

The perfect balance between classic and contemporary also extends to accessories. From suede pouches that can be tucked nonchalantly under the arm to capacious cross-body designs cast in butter-soft leather, an Alexander McQueen bag would make a welcome addition to any woman’s closet. The brand has the Midas touch when it comes to footwear too, having produced myriad cult pieces over the last few years – this season’s leather ankle boots, finished with gold hardware, are sure to be the brand’s next must-have shoe. Chic, understated and endlessly wearable, they promise to add polish to any look they’re paired with.

In the end, the allure of Alexander McQueen lies in the label’s ability to create one-of-a-kind closet classics. Perfect for now, these clothes and accessories are ultimately destined to be worn, and cherished forever.


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