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5 Pro Eyeliner Hacks That Will Change How You Wear It Forever

How you apply eyeliner can make a big difference. Here, makeup artist KATIE JANE HUGHES shares her easy, effective tips to master the way you line your eyes – and achieve a brighter, more lifted look. By MALENA HARBERS

Knowing your lines: makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes shows us how it’s done

Use a kohl pencil first

“For a fail-safe way to apply a classic black line, start with a kohl pencil. Easy to smudge and take off, it gives you a lot of flexibility and wiggle room – simply sketch your line, figuring out the shape and removing bits if you need to, then use that as your framework. Next, trace over the pencil with a liquid or gel eyeliner to perfect the line and make it last longer.”

Consider your starting point

“If you want a slim, delicate, barely-there look, begin your line from the inner corner – if you keep the liner thin across the lash line, you’ll have a really petite wing at the outer corner, because that’s what flows. To create a bit more of a statement, avoid going through the lash line from the inner corner all the way to the tail and simply draw a wing at the outer corner instead – if you start your liner here, it generally ends up bigger and bolder.”

Apply mascara before you flick

“If you apply mascara to give your lashes a lift [using a lash curler or lifting formula], it can do a lot of the hard work. Plus, it gives you a framework to follow, making it easier to create a winged liner. So always do your mascara first, then follow that lift with your eyeliner, taking it up towards the brow to create your wing. is really the maker of eyeliner – it brings everything together, so applying it first makes a big difference.”

Play around with color

“Hues that are found in nature – such as warm brown, sage, forest green or deep bronze – work well on the eyes without being overwhelming. I’d keep them along the lash line only, as opposed to pulling them out into a wing – and while warm browns will brighten eyes, a good pop of green will play off your eye color. For a slightly bolder look, line your lids in black and line over the top with a bright blue for immediate impact; the black will darken the blue and ultimately make it more wearable. I love a glittery eyeliner, too, and this black-liner base works perfectly for glitter or shimmer. I often apply a black liner from inner to outer corner of my eyelid, then I take a gold eyeliner and place a little in the center for a pop or twinkle when I blink.”

Keep your eyes open for better placement

“For hooded eyes, or eyes that have a hindering fold at the outer corner, it’s really difficult to line over skin that’s in the way. The best tip? Apply your eyeliner with your eyes open. When your eyes are closed, you can draw the perfect wing, but when you open your eyes, the extra skin will hide the line, so you can see where you need to draw. It can feel awkward and weird that you’re drawing over your skin at first, but it looks so much better.”


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