Respecting our planet


Respecting our planet


Respecting our planet

At NET‑A‑PORTER, we are committed to championing circularity to reduce the impact of luxury fashion and work to respect our planet’s boundaries. We support brands and products with sustainability attributes at their heart, and we are harnessing our scale and ethos of innovation to bring customers services and solutions that are mindful of environmental challenges.


Our curated product selection offers the opportunity to invest in consciously crafted, lasting luxury across fashion, jewelry, beauty and homeware. Every product is carefully selected to ensure it meets at least one of our nine key attributes.

The attributes

Locally Made

At least 75% of a brand’s products have been manufactured within their own community or country.

Craft & Community

Products that showcase exceptional artisanal skills or techniques and brands that adhere to Fairtrade principles and invest in communities.

Considered Materials

Products where at least 50% of the materials used are grown and produced with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Considered Processes

All products are manufactured using processes that reduce resource use and pollution.

Considered Ingredients

Products where at least 50% of the ingredients used are grown or produced with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Reducing Waste

Products that are made with innovative, regenerated or creatively upcycled materials or packaging.

Animal Welfare

Featuring cruelty-free brands that choose to invest in supply chains promoting good animal husbandry and the five freedoms of animal welfare, which means freedom from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, fear and distress, and the freedom to express normal behavior.


Our vegan brands are 100% committed to avoiding the use of any animal products or ingredients that are derived from animals.

Designed For Circularity

Brands within this attribute use materials and manufacturing processes that promote recycling and/or repair and restoration services and take-back schemes.


Our resale service encourages circularity by extending the lifetime of our designer items – taking pieces from pre-loved to re-loved. Easy, effortless and flexible, the service offers reward either in cash or NET‑A‑PORTER store credit – with an extra 10% added if you choose the Concierge Resale option.


People and planet

Discover the principles, initiatives and innovations driving our efforts for lasting change.


Championing people

Find out how we are using our global platform to promote a more inclusive and equitable future.