The Beauty Memo

Angela Caglia’s AM/PM Routine

The A-list aesthetician and queen of face rolling ANGELA CAGLIA shares her face-mask recipe, daily skincare ritual and the life-changing advice she received from Barbra Streisand



The moment I wake up…

…I take a few deep breaths to acclimatize myself to waking up – and then I set my intention for the day. Recently, it’s been, “I’m going to eat well, be clear-minded, balanced and move my body”. It really does help give me focus as I go about my day and makes me less tempted to eat the crackers.

I haven’t washed my face for 26 years…

…not since a fabulous French woman told me not to cleanse in the morning – only at night. Even then, I’ll only use cleansing oil so that I don’t strip the skin’s barrier. If you go to bed with clean skin, unless you are acne-prone, your skin should be in an optimal state by morning, so why disrupt that? Less is more in my regimen. I just splash my face with cold water and then use the new exfoliant I’m testing at the moment, followed by my Soufflé Moisturizer and face oil – all of which leaves my skin dewy and balanced. I do the Cellreturn LED [mask treatment] twice a week for 20 minutes – but I only do the red light, as I want the full anti-aging benefits and you have to be consistent.

If I wake up tired…

…which I do at present because we have a puppy that wakes up very early, I get in my infrared sauna and build up a nice sweat. Then I have a cold shower. I do a dry body brush, always working toward the heart and in circles over the belly, and I love a great body oil.

A bad face day…

…is really traumatic for me as a facialist! I’ll immediately do an exfoliation, then go right in with the LED mask – it’s my ritual, which I follow up with the Gold Cryo massage wand. I use both of these over my moisturizer, working upwards and outwards over my face, and then lay the teardrop ‘spoon’ over my eyes to hit those puffy eyelids just for a second or two.

I’ve perfected my travel regimen

I wear no makeup and apply a thick layer of the Soufflé Moisturizer when I get to the airport, then again mid-flight and use my rose quartz Crystal Goddess Face Mask over the top – people always ask me about it because they want one, too.

I love to be in nature

I do my morning yoga on a balcony so I’m up in the trees with the birdsong. I lived in New York for a while, but now I’m back in LA, I try to connect with nature as much as I can.

Barbra Streisand gave me the best advice

She’s been a client for years and she inspired me to start my whole skincare line. She told me to be “confident in your dreams and don’t be afraid of doubt; let it motivate you”.


I have self-care Sundays…

…starting with a magnesium bath early in the evening, as a way of prepping for the week ahead. I love making up a face mask, using fresh honey from central California, Greek yoghurt, avocado and mashed up strawberries. It’s the ritual of making it that feels such a treat, and the results are fabulous, too. I try to do my infrared sauna twice a week as well.

Prepping my skin is key before an event

Before using makeup, I ‘set’ the skin with a lot of moisturizer – I’m 49 years old and I want my skin to be plump. I love Kosas foundation – Sheena Yaitanes, the founder, comes to me for facials. A strong brow is important when you go out, and I’m obsessed with her brow pencil – it’s so natural-looking. I also use her Kosas Revealer Concealer and blend with my fingers – I am a facialist, so I like to touch skin – plus Ilia mascara. For my hair, I’ve been trying different products recently, but I’ve now gone back to Rahua because it makes my hair look so shiny.

My evening regimen is my ritual

I do a thorough cleanse with my Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil – it’s a very light texture so I love to do a massage with it and always encourage others to do the same. If you can’t do a massage then, after cleansing, I use the La Vie en Rose Face Roller over the Soufflé Moisturizer or an oil, always working upwards and outwards. If I’m stressed, I work more firmly over the brows and temples – it’s a really relaxing little ritual. I also use the Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Sculpting Roller as it helps the skincare penetrate better. While I use the Gold Cryo wands in the morning, I love to use the Rose Quartz Eye or Face Mask at the end of the day.

I gifted myself a trip to We Care Spa…

…at Desert Hot Springs for a therapeutic detox, and I’m going to be making that a regular trip. I met a shaman called Mari Mendoza there and she did a healing crystal ritual that was incredible. I also have regular acupuncture and cupping with Kevin Kim in LA.

My best beauty tip is…

…skip the face-cleanse in the morning but never skip cleansing at night. And eight hours’ sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.

If I’m tired but wired…

…I get into the infrared sauna or use the Cellreturn LED mask, as the red light is very soothing, and there’s data and studies that show it helps you sleep.

I’ve become more concerned about my body…

…and night-time is a great opportunity to layer up products to work while you’re sleeping. I love body oil and use pure meadowfoam seed oil, which is in most of my skincare. It’s identical to sebum, so I use it all over and it sinks right in.

On my nightstand…

…I have a glass of water, my book – I’m re-reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being – and my rose quartz crystals.