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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Everyday Beauty Routine

Supermodel, CEO of Rose Inc and soon to be mother-of-two, ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY shares the regimen that controls her acne-prone skin, her no-rules approach to eating and why her bathroom is her sanctuary

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


As soon as I wake up…

…I try to figure out the latest [time] I can get out of bed. If my son’s not woken up, I have another 10 minutes.

I look at my skin daily to see what it really needs…

…although I’m now also trying out a lot of stuff for my Rose Inc range – toners, serums and moisturizers. I use the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, and I love the Rose Inc Radiant Reveal Brightening Serum, which is beautifully hydrating – I use it before bed and under makeup, as it’s a great primer. I haven’t found my favorite SPF yet, but I do like the ZO Skin Health Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops. I always moisturize [my body], too, usually with the Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil by Costa Brazil – I really love the scent.

My skin is acne-prone, so it’s a moving target

I find icing is great to take down any puffiness or acne. I keep cooling globes in the fridge or, if traveling, I use an ice cube wrapped in gauze and smooth that around my face instead. I love Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion and there’s always at least one dot of it on my face before I go to bed. LED therapy is really beneficial for me, too – I often sneak off to the bedroom to lie under the red and blue lights [to tackle] acne and heal any scars.

I used to have an elaborate in-flight routine…

…but now I get on, drink lots of water and fall asleep. I avoid plane food as it makes me feel sluggish and puffy, and I use that fasting time to sleep instead. When I arrive, I do a great exfoliation, dry body brush and have a hot shower with all that masking and basking. The Café Noir Body Exfoliant from African Botanics is amazing, and I’m an all-time fan of La Mer’s Reparative Body Lotion. Aromatherapy Associates has beautiful products and I use its Deep Relax Oil or the De-stress Muscle Oil to [surround myself with those] fragrances.

If I’m lucky, I exercise three or four times a week

In London, I go to Third Space, where I do a lot of weight training – I really see the results. I’ve done Body By Simone for eight years now in LA, too, and I always do a class the day after a flight; I land, then I go to the gym.

I don’t have any food rules

I believe in eating the whole egg, not just the white! I grew up in a household where nothing was restricted. We lived on a farm and my mother would cook an entire meal from the garden. If I’m trying to get into shape, I cut out refined sugar and gluten and I see very quick results. I’m a big advocate of intermittent fasting – it was great for me after breastfeeding and I feel better and have more energy if I finish eating by 4pm. I don’t eat less, just in a more condensed time window.

My mum knows me best

She drilled into me the importance of being independent and never relying on other people. It’s a curse and a blessing to be so driven to be independent, but it’s stuck with me.


My bathroom is my sanctuary – no boys allowed!

A couple of nights a week, I get my son to bed and have a long bath or shower, do a body treatment, put on a podcast and have some time to myself. Before he was born, I struggled with having alone time; now, it’s so special.

I love a face mask…

…especially the Rose Gold Brightening Mask from 111Skin – you get that instant hydration. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel pads have been a game-changer in my skincare routine, too.

The night before a shoot…

…I have a spray tan. I find it’s important to exfoliate my skin each evening, and I use the Rose Inc Skin Resolution Clarifying Toner, which contains salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids, but it’s also very gentle and great for acne-prone skin like mine.

I’m a big facial girl

In London, I see Nilam Holmes for an in-depth facial, and Kate Kerr, who does amazing extractions. In LA, I see Shani Darden, Melanie Grant or Biba de Sousa.

I got my best makeup tip on my first movie set…

…where I learnt to use the same blush or bronzer on my eyelid, which brings everything together and makes the look more cohesive. Now, I use my Rose Inc Blush Divine Lip & Cheek Color and whatever is left on the brush on my eyes – it really makes your eye color pop. Plus, I like to line my lips, so we have a beautiful Lip Sculpt Amplifying Lip Color crayon in a saturated matt color.

If I can’t sleep…

…I read, switch off all devices and use the Hatch sleep app, which has great guided meditations and breathing exercises. Also, using the LED panel makes me feel very relaxed.


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