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Gucci Westman’s Daily Beauty Regimen, Skincare Secrets And Makeup Hacks

Makeup artist and brand founder GUCCI WESTMAN shares the beauty devices she swears by, how a less-is-more approach transformed her skin, and the secret to her famous ‘Gucci glow’ makeup

Gucci Westman believes that good skincare is the best foundation for good makeup

I meditate every day

It’s the one change, along with exercise, that’s made a real difference to my routine. I do transcendental meditation every morning – it gives me a little time to gather myself – and then usually in the afternoon I’ll do it again, as it helps to center me.

Good skincare is key to great makeup

It affects how your makeup looks and how long it lasts. I’ve been using my new Westman Atelier Skin Activator for a while now, and it’s completely changed my skin. For the first time in 15 years, I’ve been able to go without foundation – even after taking antibiotics for two months, when I still had breakouts from my rosacea. I used to use a thick moisturizer, thinking it would really hydrate me, but it was more of a superficial hydration. We worked with a scientist in Korea whose patented system allowed us to use more active ingredients – we have 15 actives in this serum – and now I only use this and a super-gentle cleanser, Gentle Elements Cleansing Foam from Superegg, and my skin feels supple and juicy. My pores are smaller, my pigmentation is lighter, and I haven’t had Botox in months – but then I might need a little…

My husband has given me the best advice

He says that “the process is the reward”. It really helps when you’re feeling frustrated and stuck, whether in business, life, or a relationship, as it’s good to think that these difficulties are just part of the process that ultimately brings the rewards.

I have two phenomenal beauty devices…

…and I spent a long time searching out the best tools. The Koyo Rantania Miracle KII uses LED and microcurrent, which is great for treating any fluid retention. I also use the Time Master Pro from Korea, which uses ultrasound with LED. Both are good for when I wake feeling a bit puffy or when I need a little help to firm and tighten the skin – there’s only so much you can do with makeup. I’m also a big fan of facial massage.

I prep myself before a long flight

I’ll exercise, have a green juice and drink a lot of water. I always pack electrolytes and various supplements, such as Jet Set, which I take every few hours; plus, my own plane food and my Skin Activator serum – it all helps.

My best beauty tip is…

…never wash your face with soap. It’s a tip that came from my mom – which, in turn, came from her great aunt. The other tip is to hydrate! It’s important to understand this from a young age.

I do The Clean Program every year

My husband David and I do it each January. It’s based on Dr. Alejandro Junger’s The Clean Program, where you omit nightshade foods (potatoes, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant etc), alcohol, caffeine, carbs and sugar. You have a shake in the morning and another in the evening, and snacks such as an apple and almonds when you are hungry. For lunch, you have vegetables and a protein but, as a vegetarian, I focus on beans and vegetables. We also do the ProLon 5-Day Fast Mimicking Diet a couple of times a year. It was designed by a doctor to reset your organ health and support the metabolism. For me, it’s about consistency, whether it’s exercising or eating. I don’t eat very much sugar and I have one coffee a day with homemade almond milk. I pretty much follow the 80/20 rule, although I may be more 90/10.

“If using a bronzer, I like to blend it over my eyelids, forehead and cheeks, taking it up under the eyes, but not on the lower face”
“I’ll use my Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight under foundation, as it makes skin look fresh and really radiant”

‘Real’ skin is always my thing

Most people want to look like an improved version of themselves, as opposed to a transformation of themselves, and my makeup has always been about looking authentic. That healthy, dewy-skin look is about layering. I’ll use my Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight under foundation, as it makes skin look fresh and really radiant, like you’ve had a facial rather than are using a highlighter. Depending on your skin tone, the Lit Up Highlight Stick in Lit gives a lovely, cool blueish-pink undertone; Brulée is more bronze; and Nectar is more of a golden peach. If using a bronzer, I like to blend it over my eyelids, forehead and cheeks, taking it up under the eyes, but not on the lower face. You don’t apply bronzer like you do blush, as it’s about pushing the skin to a deeper tone – and don’t do that 3-shape over the face. To finish, if you’re naturally oily, I use pressed powder around the nose and T-zone, then use my Westman Atelier Foundation Stick as a concealer, applying it with The Spot Check Brush to target where it’s needed so it’s much more believable.

Horse riding grounds me

We have a horse, ponies, a donkey and a miniature horse. Exercising also helps; I love personal trainer Monique Eastwood and do her Eastwood Fit classes on Zoom. She’s 55 and her body looks incredible; my body has never looked like that, not even when I was a teenager! After working out, I always have a hot shower and exfoliate – I also have a cold shower every morning – then I moisturize my body using my favorite Grown Alchemist cream.

If I’m tired but wired…

…a hot bath does the trick. I often take The Nue Co. Sleep Drops, which really help with jet lag, and a cup of chamomile tea. As a last resort, I pop a magnesium supplement, which helps to calm me down.