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How to look good on Zoom

Celebrity makeup artist HANNAH MARTIN has worked her magic on a raft of A-listers. Here, she shares her Zoom-friendly makeup tricks with RHEA CARTWRIGHT

Are you using the correct laptop positioning for your virtual meetings?

As meetings go digital and we’re not seeing each other face to face and IRL, we still want to look and feel our best – prepped, confident and ready to go. Top makeup artist Hannah Martin shares her tips and advice on how to look your best on-screen…

Pay attention to the prep

“Even the best foundations need good skin prep,” says Martin, who says layering your skincare is key for a healthy glow that translates on the screen. “Taking the time to feed your skin and plump up its surface layer makes foundation look its best and avoids skin looking flat.” Martin starts with a nourishing essence packed with hydrating and glycerin, which she says is a game changer and allows to absorb more efficiently. Follow with a priming for your skin type and, during the day, an Martin advises positioning yourself in front of a window to take advantage of natural light, which is often the most flattering. “Good lighting is crucial to looking good on Zoom,” says Martin. “Walk around your house to find the most flattering light and make that space comfortable in advance. Use a ring light, or position a lamp if necessary, and avoid overhead spotlights, as they cast the worst shadows on the face.”

All about the base

“No matter what products you use, take a ‘less is more’ approach and eliminate unwanted redness, as it can be distracting.” Martin’s method to looking lit from within is simple: “Use a sheer foundation or and, if you need extra coverage, use a concealer rather than a full-coverage matte foundation, which will make skin look dull.” Even with a dewy base, she advises mattifying the center of the face, as too much shine on-screen can look like you are perspiring. “Opt for a loose powder, as it gives you more control and can be gently built up. You can buff a little highlighter across cheekbones and under the brow bone, but avoid the tip of the nose, as it doesn’t look good on Zoom.”

Even with the best lighting, Martin says is essential to avoid looking washed out. “Vibrant pink shades look the best on-screen – for all complexions. Avoid shades that are too peachy – they look great in real life but can look brown on camera.” To shape the face, Martin advises clever laptop positioning rather than sculpting with makeup. “Contouring can create unwanted shadows and make the face look dirty on Zoom.” Instead, place your laptop slightly above you, pointing downwards, to capture your most flattering angles, rather than creating a double chin.

The eyes have it

“Avoid a smoky eye, as it can look harsh over Zoom or under bad lighting. Instead, dust a neutral, light-reflective eyeshadow across the lid to create a soft, pretty look that is beautiful when the light catches it.” Martin says to skip heavy liner but recommends tightlining the eyes for a fuller, wide-eyed look, which makes eyelashes appear thicker, too: “Looking down into a mirror, gently lift your eyelid and take your along your upper waterline, smudging the pencil into the roots of your eyelashes. It’s a secret liner technique but is very effective.”

Lip service

Start with buffing away dead skin with a lip scrub and using a nourishing lip balm to create a smooth canvas for your favorite lipstick. When it comes to color, Martin’s advice is to apply a shade that makes you feel confident. “From a classic matte red lipstick to a lip balm, stain or neutral shade, do what makes you feel happy and comfortable.”

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