Fine Jewelry

Introducing Your Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe For FW23

We speak to five leading fine-jewelry designers and tastemakers to discover which jewels to wear on rotation this season

A striking cuff adds instant impact to any look

A luxe cuff

“If, like me, you like your jewelry to be simple yet striking, a ‘one-and-done’ cuff is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe this season,” says Libby Page, market director at NET-A-PORTER. “Experiment with designs that complement your clothing – consider the sleeve style you wear most, and whether yellow gold or silver tones would work best with your usual color palette. David Yurman’s bangles and cuffs are famed for their sculptural silhouettes and precious detailing, while Sophie Buhai’s silver cuff feels ultra-modern and fresh.”

Every jewelry capsule wardrobe requires a stylish selection of hoop earrings – in all shapes and sizes

Hoop earrings

“It’s valuable to have a variety of sizes and styles of hoop earrings in your jewelry wardrobe,” says fine-jewelry designer Melissa Kaye. “You can build slowly, starting with a pair of classic round hoops in various sizes, like our ‘Zea’ or ‘Lenox’ hoops. From there, you can expand your collection into other interesting silhouettes. Diamond-set huggie hoops, such as the ‘Cristina’ earrings, are very versatile – wear them casually or with more formal attire. If you have multiple piercings, they’ll also layer beautifully with any ear stack.”

Add individuality and flair to your look with a statement pendant of your choice

A supersized pendant

“When it comes to statement pieces, the age-old adage ‘the bigger, the better’ holds true,” says Marlo Laz founder Jesse Lazowski. “To me, a statement necklace stands for boldness, confidence and taking up space – and that’s why strong, independent women are drawn to them. Nothing says self-love like our ‘Large Southwestern’ heart necklace – a stylish statement at its finest.”

Forget yellow gold – silver (and white-gold) earrings are the new-season must-haves

Silver earrings

“This season signals a major shift in metal tones,” says Emily Johnston, acting fine-jewelry buyer at NET-A-PORTER. “For so long, yellow gold has dominated, but we’re now seeing a real resurgence of mixed-metal looks, and all-silver or white-gold designs. A great pair of earrings is an easy way to expand your collection, whether it’s plain metal or set with diamonds. Stone and Strand’s ‘Layer Cake’ earrings are chic and understated and can be worn anywhere and everywhere; while By Pariah’s ‘O Huggies’ are the perfect hoops for starting a stacked-up earscape. If you’re looking for an ultra-precious design, Carolina Bucci’s ‘Double Link’ earrings are bedecked in diamonds and ideal for after-dark dressing.”

A chain necklace

“Your first investment should be a chain that is your personal ‘mid-weight’, which would be your most wearable, everyday style,” says Beth Hutchens, creative director of Foundrae. What is considered mid-weight in one person’s collection could be the heavyweight in another’s, but once you have identified your own middle ground, you can look to style it with a lighter chain and a heavier chain – typically, the primary chain would sit at a length between 16 and 18 inches. From there, you can change the look by adding shorter and longer chains varying in weight, gauge and link. For example, you could go for a lighter weight on a short choker and then add a heavier style to drop below it. This season, handmade, unique and distinctive links that set a chain apart continue to resonate with collectors.”


Make a mid-weight chain – whatever that looks and feels like to you – your starting point for the ideal necklace curation

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