How I Curate My Space: Andrea Larsson’s Unique Copenhagen Home

In our series on interiors, we ask designers and tastemakers to open the doors of their most-loved spaces, sharing the stories, inspirations and favorite pieces within it. Here, ANDREA LARSSON, co-founder of crystalware brand Reflections Copenhagen, invites us into her contemporary family home in the city – and the personal sanctuary she relishes within it. By KATIE BERRINGTON


“My husband and I were instantly drawn to the funkis [a Swedish abbreviation for ‘functionalism’] style of our house when we discovered it 15 years ago. Its unique square shape and contemporary design were a perfect fit for our tastes,” says designer Andrea Larsson of her distinctive Copenhagen home. The individuality of the architecture is matched by the eclectic pieces the couple has brought into it – from a turquoise Kalager chair that creates an almost illusionary impression, to the geometric, vividly colored Lea Heart T-Light Holder (from her crystalware brand Reflections Copenhagen), which sits atop a stack of books.

“I enjoy testing ideas and drawing inspiration from various sources, including art, colors and shapes. I strive to maintain spontaneity and embrace imperfections rather than aiming for perfection [in my home],” says Larsson. “It’s about achieving harmony and cohesion, rather than focusing solely on perfect corners or details.”

The uppermost level of the three-storeyed house has been transformed into a spacious bedroom connected to a walk-in closet and bathroom. “This area holds a special place in my heart, offering privacy complemented by a breathtaking sea view,” says Larsson.

“This space, lovingly crafted by my husband after our two oldest children moved out, has become my personal sanctuary,” she continues. “It’s where I find solace, whether I’m listening to music, working, or preparing for the day. The room’s tranquility is enhanced by its soft, calming ambience, created by the soothing gray color scheme that envelops the walls, closets and carpeting.”

The couple has taken a “minimalist approach to aesthetics” when designing the house, keeping furnishings to a minimum to emphasize the open space, and using color palettes to balance the different areas. “The bedroom boasts vibrant colors and an eclectic mix of styles, while the walk-in closet exudes a harmonious, soft-toned aesthetic and tone-on-tone color.”

Spontaneity is Larsson’s go-to approach when shaping the space, with an absence of any strict design guidelines: “I spot something, get an idea, and usually dive right in… For me, mixing aesthetics and hues is like stepping into a playground.” She relishes every moment of the process, “whether it’s months’ long or a quick 10-minute decision.

“Over the years, we’ve continually adapted our space to reflect the evolution of our lives. It’s crucial for us to synchronize our living environment with our changing needs,” says Larsson. “We find joy and liberation in regularly restyling and transforming our surroundings, whether in subtle adjustments or significant overhauls.”

Larsson loves her walk-in closet, which is connected to the bedroom on the uppermost level of her three-storeyed house, and the vividly colored Lea Heart T-Light Holder that sits atop a stack of books
I enjoy testing ideas and drawing inspiration from various sources, including art, colors and shapes. I strive to maintain spontaneity and embrace imperfections rather than aiming for perfection
Larsson’s beloved ‘Polaris’ mirror “was inspired by a vintage earring from the 1970s”
Esben Weile Kjær’s artwork – a Tinker Bell delight of mulitcolored lights – provides an unexpected pop on an interior wall

Larsson’s most-loved pieces

Esben Weile Kjær artwork

“A playful Tinker Bell piece, surrounded with colored light bulbs.”

My ‘Polaris’ mirror

“This was inspired by a vintage earring from the 1970s.”

My glassware collection

“This defines the way I design – mixing colors and shapes in one table setting.”

The yellow table

“I got this from my grandparents. It is a unique antique tray table and I love it.”