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8 Life-Changing Morning Habits Wellness Experts Swear By

Miranda Kerr

How you start your morning can set the tone for the day ahead. From Dr. Barbara Sturm’s handstand and Pati Dubroff’s oil pulling to Elle Macpherson’s breathwork, these are the inspiring AM routines and feel-good formulas beloved by health and beauty A-listers


Don’t immediately pick up your phone

Miranda Kerr, model and founder of Kora Organics

“My husband is an early riser and wakes up around 5:30am, which means I wake up then, too. I used to reach for my phone and check emails first thing, but then I realized it’s a chaotic way to start the day, so now I keep it on airplane mode and use the time to myself to meditate, exercise, or just have some quiet ‘me’ time until the kids wake up. Having that hour or so to myself has made a big difference to being more focused and productive throughout the day. Life is busy, so it’s really important to have dedicated time to yourself.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Do a headstand

Dr. Barbara Sturm, aesthetic doctor

“On a ‘bad’ face day, I do a headstand to energize and get the blood flowing, and then I use my face mask for a total skin, mind and body refresh. I also use black tea bags or spoons that have been chilled in the fridge and apply them under my eyes. If you are prone to morning puffiness, then drink less water overnight and sleep propped up on a bigger pillow. Most days, before I even have my first coffee, I put on a face mask. Then, with the mask on, I make a caffè latte with soya milk and check my emails and messages.”

Hannah Bronfman

Supercharge your caffeine hit

Hannah Bronfman, influencer and founder of HBFIT

“Every morning, I have a cup of water with lemon, keeping it at room temperature to preserve the enzymes and to make it easier to drink quickly. I then add a probiotic powder to a juice shot (usually grapefruit: the probiotics make the vitamin C in the grapefruit easier to digest). I switch coffee for matcha, or a dandelion-root and chicory blend, and pimp it up with some stress-relieving adaptogenic herbs, such as moringa leaves. It gives me the hit I need without the come-down of caffeine. But when I need extra energy before a workout, I drink a classic bulletproof coffee (ground coffee beans, filtered water, MCT oil and grass-fed butter or ghee) – it makes a real difference to my stamina.”

Kate Moss

Try a guided meditation

Kate Moss, model and founder of Cosmoss

“First thing every morning, I make a pot of my Cosmoss Dawn Tea and meditate. I find that taking these few moments to myself every morning really helps me prepare for my day. Meditation is really powerful for me. I’ve had my struggles, as we all have, but anything that can support you is good. I’ve practiced and practiced – and tried all different types for five years – and now I do a guided meditation. It’s about being able to stop and be in myself. I was doing 20 minutes every day, but now I do 10 minutes and I’m fine.”

Nigma Talib

Set an intention

Nigma Talib, naturopathic practitioner

“As soon as I open my eyes, I set an intention for the day. This helps me focus and create, in that very moment, exactly what it is that I want to achieve by allowing me to claim it, reserve it, call it in and, most importantly, believe it. After my intention is set, I ‘beditate’, meaning I lie in bed while I follow a 12-minute guided meditation that involves chanting, whispering and then silently repeating the chant. Finger-tapping helps me solidify my intention and enhance blood flow to my brain, which wakes me up and leaves me feeling focused and ready to go.”

Pati Dubroff

Practice oil pulling

Pati Dubroff, A-list makeup artist

“The very first thing I do in the morning is the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling. It’s great for oral hygiene, as well as killing bacteria and reducing inflammation. I’ve done this practice every day for many years, and I know it is one of the keys to my overall health and wellbeing. I use a blend that was developed by a dental hygienist who focuses on natural oral health. It mixes sesame, neem, oregano and myrrh oils, among others. I swish it around in my mouth for at least 20 minutes when I wake up to get my day started. It’s a great reminder that taking care of my health is the first order of business every day.”

Elle Macpherson

Focus on your breath

Elle Macpherson, model and founder of WelleCo

“I wake up early and spend 45 minutes practicing breathing – it was difficult at first, but it’s been a complete game-changer. I put my hands on my solar plexus [just under the breastbone], feel the breath and focus on its rhythm. After 20 deep inhales and exhales, I feel a real difference. It’s not a formal practice of meditation, but more about taking time to clear my mind, reflect and slow the brain down. I find it very peaceful and it really sets me up for the day.”

Simone De La Rue

Express gratitude

Simone De La Rue, founder of Body by Simone

“I start every morning with a moment of gratitude. Our young son always gets into bed with my husband and me in the morning, and we have a cuddle. This is my favorite part of my day; the calm before the storm. We open the blinds and I take a moment to be grateful for my family, my health and my life. This puts me in a positive mindset and sets me up for a great day.”