The Beauty Memo

6 new beauty buys to try now

So, what are the new-season products worth investing in? NEWBY HANDS and DANIELLE FOX find out…

Illustration: Willa Gebbie

The super-serum

Recently, I was on an early-morning call with Dr. Barbara Sturm: “Have you tried my new serum?” she asks. “Not yet,” I admit. “Do! It’s insane,” she orders. But of course she’d say that – it’s her company. Phone call over. However, I do as instructed and, post-skincare, I liberally pat on Dr. Barbara Sturm’s gel-like Lifting Serum. As advised, I take it right up under my eyes and layer more over any lines, leaving it for a few minutes to ‘set’ before getting on with my makeup. Creating a micro-mesh, you can actually feel it working. Like a little net, it tightens up and almost irons out the skin. Makeup goes on super-smoothly, and it’s just incredible under the eyes – and she’s right, it is “insane”. Newby Hands

The healing mask

Given the current global obsession with face rollers, esthetician Angela Caglia’s Self Love Rose Quartz Eye Mask gives us a new way of bringing the soothing, calming power of crystals in to our beauty regimens. Used like any mask, you simply lay it over your eyes (even better, use a serum or light oil, such as Uma Oil’s Absolute Anti-Aging Eye Oil, underneath), sit back and relax for 20 minutes. You can also flip it over to use on your jawline to release tension. I keep anything crystal (rollers, Gua sha tools, this mask) chilled in the refrigerator because cold treatments are naturally firming and tightening. Just don’t leave it out on your bedside table when you go to sleep. Apparently, rose quartz is linked to the heart so, while it’s great to energize before going out, it can over-stimulate your body if you’re about to go to sleep. NH

The transformational foundation

Admittedly, I first used Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Foundation just after its launch on a hot, sunny day in the fall. It was good but, as someone who prefers a tinted moisturizer in warm weather, I put it away – only to rediscover it last week. Whether it’s the change in light (dull winter) or my skin (even duller winter), I can only say that this foundation is quite brilliant and delivers exactly what its name suggests. But what I really judge it on is that, every time I wear it, I get comments on my skin, not my foundation. NH

The cream you never knew you needed

While I’m reluctant to recommend an additional skincare step, there is definitely good reason to use Macrene Active’s High Performance Neck and Décolletage Treatment – especially on those unsightly lines on the neck, which are often the result of us compulsively looking down at our phones. Think of it as your one-step skincare solution to ‘tech neck’, with Dr Macrene advocating using the hydrating lotion not only to tighten, lift and firm the neck, but also the chest, hands and elbows. Danielle Fox

The antidote to a bad night’s sleep

From soothing sore muscles and drawing out toxins to aiding sleep and stress, magnesium has become the go-to mineral for a healthy lifestyle – and with good reason: apparently, a staggering 80 percent of us are deficient in it. Absorption is best through the skin, so a weekly 20-minute bath with Ilapothecary’s Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak will make a noticeable difference. To speed up results, I like to body-brush beforehand to stimulate skin and open up pores. DF

The modern nude lip

A nude lip should enhance rather than mask your natural hue and leave you looking fresh rather than washed out, which is exactly what Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk does – and why I return to this perfect nude time and time again. While the texture is matte, this lipstick is anything but dense. Instead, the velvety formula is incredibly hydrating and glides on, making lips appear fuller and wider. Best worn with champagne lids and flushed cheeks. DF