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Why Crystal Jewelry Is The Ultimate Gift

Clockwise from top left: gold, quartz and diamond ring, Jia Jia; gold, labradorite and diamond ring, Pascale Monvoisin; gold multi-stone doublet necklace, Andrea Fohrman; gold, labradorite and sapphire earrings, Sydney Evan; recycled gold, opal and amethyst earrings, Melissa Joy Manning

Fine-jewelry designers are increasingly working with crystals and gemstones to create pieces that bestow peace, harmony and joy. Here, CHARLIE BOYD explores why crystals rock with some of the industry’s leading designers

Jewelry has long brought great comfort in times of strife. Whether pieces are engraved with precious inscriptions, conceal miniature portraits, hold first curls or even encase baby teeth, we have turned to jewelry to act as symbolic talismans and precious amulets for centuries. For many, natural gemstones are also a vital source of reassurance and positive energy – especially for those who believe in the healing powers of crystals. “To me, crystals are a symbol of synchronicity, higher power and inner wisdom; they serve as a vessel of energy that continues to remind me to follow my heart,” explains Jia-Jia Zhu, founder of Jia Jia, a California-based brand that crafts crystal-centric jewelry, as well as geodes and scintillating clusters for the home.

Zhu is far from alone. Crystal converts include Kate Hudson, who notoriously charges her Crème de la Mer atop a hunk of amethyst, and Miranda Kerr, who wears a rose quartz crystal in her bra. Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham, Bella Hadid and Adele have all attributed various successes in their life to crystal healing. Zhu discovered her profound belief in crystals after one particularly powerful experience: she cleansed her gemstones in a river and charged them with intentions under the full moon. The following day, she held them while meditating, invoking a blissful vision.

Zhu now religiously carries a quartz (which she calls the master of all crystals, as it supports clarity of mind, body and spirit) in her purse and credits it with bringing her jewelry brand to life. Zhu also firmly believes in the power of ‘crystal blends’ and has designed three exclusive combinations for NET-A-PORTER that make the perfect gift. Bestow love, harmony and confidence with the ‘Divine Love Set’ or remind loved ones to self-care with the ‘Take Care Set’ – rather generous offerings, when compared to your standard holiday gift of sweaters or socks.

Andrea Fohrman’s belief in crystals, meanwhile, was an organic progression from her passion for collecting gemstones. Fohrman relies on malachite for healing, opals to stimulate creativity, moonstone to restore mental balance and amethyst for inner peace and wisdom. “You can’t go wrong wearing or gifting a gemstone,” she explains. The designer cites a notable relationship with chrysocolla, which is believed by some to cut through anxiety, guilt and lingering depression.

Perhaps the designer most famed for her use of crystals is Rosanne Karmes, founder of LA-based brand Sydney Evan, who counts Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna among her devotees. Karmes regularly wears turquoise and keeps labradorite spheres on her desk. “It wasn’t one specific thing,” she muses, when recollecting where her belief in the power of crystals began. “I would just notice my natural urge to hold them when I felt nervous or anxious; [they] provided me with a sort of calming, comforting feeling,” she explains.

“It may not be something we can articulate in words,” agrees London-based designer Pippa Small.[Sometimes], it’s just a sense that having that stone near us is a comfort, giving strength, confidence or happiness.” Small is arguably the greatest stone fanatic of all and adores all rocks. “I believe that gems created deep in the earth and formed by the enormous natural forces and rhythms over millennia must hold this energy within them,” she explains. Small wears a navratna on her left wrist – a special arrangement of stones that stem from ancient Vedic culture, whereby gems are believed to have a positive influence when worn next to the skin.

Carolina Bucci similarly credits the power of this sensation, citing the cooling calm of cold stone against skin. Her go-to gemstone? Rose quartz. “My son bought me a piece of rose quartz as a gift and it is one of my most precious things – if I am looking for a day of peace and calm, then rose-quartz beads are my fail-safe.” Bucci’s ‘Forte Beads’ bracelets allow their wearer to pick and choose the gemstones they want to wear that day, offering the ultimate gift for crystal fanatics.

This chance to tailor a menu of tonics and antidotes makes crystals a truly personal gift. Tori Boughey, founder of TBalance Crystals, works as a life coach and prescribes crystals to her clients. “I make suggestions for my clients based on what they are going through internally. For example, if someone is struggling to speak their truth, I’ll give them an aquamarine for courage,” she explains.

Crystals should, however, perhaps be bestowed with a word of caution: results shouldn’t be expected overnight. “I would say try not to feel like you have to have some sort of immediate, physical response to crystals,” says Karmes. “Just start by wearing one that speaks to you and notice how it changes the way you feel over time; notice when you gravitate towards it,” she suggests. “Look up what this specific crystal you chose symbolizes – its correlation to what you may be going through could transform a non-believer into a believer,” agrees Zhu. “It’s a practice of following your gut – and the gut is usually right.”