5 Skincare Hacks From Renowned Aesthetician Dija Ayodele

The skin expert, aesthetician and founder of the award-winning Black Skin Directory shares her five golden rules for achieving healthy skin once and for all…

The skin you’re in: start with Ayodele’s basics for your healthiest complexion ever

Dial a derm

Ayodele’s first piece of advice is key for anyone who is either at the beginning of their skincare journey or has found that their current routine is hindering their skin progression rather than helping it. “Check in with a skin professional who can devise a solid routine for you, taking into account your skin type, condition, age and lifestyle,” says Ayodele. The hottest new product isn’t going to work if it isn’t in line with your skin’s needs. You might find yourself back to square one, having to treat a multitude of new problems, if you haven’t addressed the essence of your skin type and requirements.

Make SPF a non-negotiable

“Include a daily sunscreen in your routine,” advises Ayodele. “With so many options available now for all skin colors, types and conditions, there really isn’t any excuse not to wear it.” Make sure your SPF is the last product you apply in your skincare regimen and, if you are out in the sun, reapplication is necessary for day-long coverage. Depending on whether you like to apply base makeup or not, the texture you choose will change. No base? Opt for a moisturizing formula for a dewy, natural look. If you layer over foundation, a bit of slip will ensure smooth coverage with no piling.

Start with some sustainable habits

Ayodele is keen to impress upon us the importance a good daily regime has on our skin. “Keep an eye on your lifestyle. Your skin reveals your late nights, smoking, lack of sleep and sugar-heavy diet, so be aware.” Focus first on an area you know can be easily changed – is it a more regular bed time? Or the quality of your sleep? Maybe you can make a sweet swap? Starting here will make other healthy choices happen more naturally.

Exfoliate the right way

Not so much a case of no scrubs, but fewer scrubs. “Go easy on exfoliation,” warns Ayodele. “You do not need to use an alpha hydroxy acid, like glycolic or lactic acid, every day – or even grainy scrubs. Little and often is more than sufficient.” Try cutting back to a weekly exfoliation of your choice.

Build up your barrier

Your skin barrier needs to be protected at all costs to ensure it holds moisture, as well as the bountiful ingredients you include in your skincare routine. “A broken skin barrier is like having an umbrella with holes; no good – and it causes irritation!” says Ayodele. “So, include supportive skin ingredients, such as ceramides, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol, peptides and essential fatty acids that build and strengthen the skin.”



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