The 5 Game-Changing Health Retreats To Book Now

Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland

Tired, anxious and stressed? These five remarkable retreats will reboot your soul and set you on a new path of wellbeing, says DANIELLE FOX


Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland

WHAT TO EXPECT: A stay at Chenot Palace is unlike any other health spa or medical retreat out there. Based on a method devised by Dr. Henri Chenot, often referred to as the founding father of the wellness movement, programs blend the best of Western and Chinese medicines to diagnose and treat every element of the body in minute detail. And, as a new addition to the Chenot portfolio, Palace Weggis – which sits majestically on the shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland – includes advanced extras, too. Cue a world-class metabolic and sports lab, in-house blood analysis, anti-gravity technologies, plus cryo and altitude chambers. Indeed, the one-week ‘Chenot Recover and Energise’ program is already the A-list’s go-to for tackling stress, recharging energy and restoring vitality.

Just looking at the sedate pool at Chenot Palace Weggis is enough to lower your blood pressure

THE MUST-TRY: From neuro-acoustic relaxation treatments (think sound therapy) and full-body composition scans (fat, muscle and bones) to toxicity assessments, massages, hydrotherapy and IV drips, this retreat delivers an astonishing 360-degree evaluation. The result? You leave with a clear life plan for your health, plus advice on how to continually improve.

Silence Beach at D Maris Bay in Turkey – as its name suggests – is the epitome of peace and quiet

D Maris Bay, Turkey

WHAT TO EXPECT: D Maris Bay is the ideal pit stop for those who want to maintain healthy habits or challenge themselves to try new ones. Masterminded by Bodyism – the London-founded exercise movement based on the clean and lean philosophy – this retreat encourages a holistic approach to fitness, wellbeing and diet that’s truly bespoke. The surroundings are equally nurturing: nestled in the natural beauty of the Datça Peninsula, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean Sea, it’s fair to say D Maris Bay is a hidden health paradise.

THE MUST-TRY: Offering one-on-one PT sessions, swimming coaches, sailing, diving, tennis, hiking, plus scenic cycling and running routes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an exercise you don’t want to do. Make sure you swing by Mytha Spa, too, which uses organic products comprising ingredients sourced direct from the sea.

The Sala 4 Continenti at Palazzo Fiuggi is a majestic room, featuring fabulous frescoes by Silvio Galimberti and exquisitely ornate Murano chandeliers

Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

WHAT TO EXPECT: What sets the Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness Medical Retreat apart is its use of some of the world’s leading technologies, including MRI and infrared for brain health and sleep, as well as retinal scanning and diagnostic testing – all administered within its historic walls. Also good: vast scientific and medical teams are on hand 24/7 to help build a blueprint of your health now and for the future, while a heavy focus on the immune system and cellular regeneration ensures its seven-night ‘Complete Life Rewind’ program gives you the tools to mitigate signs of aging.

Soothe away the stress in Palazzo Fiuggi’s golden Turkish steam room

THE MUST-TRY: Book a bolt-on treatment, including detoxifying hydrotherapy, rejuvenating cryotherapy, massage, plus advanced relaxation and sleep-enhancement sessions.

At Villa Stéphanie’s unassuming treatment rooms, all facials and body treatments at the spa use pure and simple natural products by Aqua Organic

Villa Stéphanie, Germany

WHAT TO EXPECT: As detoxes go, the Villa Stéphanie spa and wellbeing resort in Baden-Baden sets a high bar. Rather than offering the usual holistic approach and minimal (often liquid) diet, the focus here is on the science of the body and its biological makeup to deliver tangible results. The program starts with a doctor’s assessment of your heart and lung function, body mass and water levels, plus a nutritional evaluation. Following a preliminary in-depth analysis of your composition, the diet will be plentiful, but dictates no caffeine, alcohol or carbs after breakfast. Meanwhile, the fitness element is known to be grueling, but hikes through idyllic foothills of the Black Forest make it worth the effort. The upshot? You’ll leave feeling lighter, leaner and clear-headed.

THE MUST-TRY: The signature hammam is a detox in itself – you’re scrubbed, pummeled and scraped to remove layers of dead skin, making for the perfect finale to your stay.

Lanserhof Sylt, Germany

WHAT TO EXPECT: Delivering a super-chic hybrid of science and luxury, Lanserhof Sylt offers a results-driven, medical approach that maximizes its breathtaking surroundings, inside and out. Indeed, this new edition to the Lanserhof portfolio is the only property by the sea, and Sylt has already been branded ‘the Hamptons of Germany’. Here, the seven-day ‘Cure Classic’ program is overseen by medical director and cardiologist Dr. Jan Stritzke – a specialist in cardiological rehabilitation for acute and chronic illnesses. You can also expect your stay to be peppered with cutting-edge diagnostics with natural healing methods – from bioimpedance analysis (metabolism) to lymph detox drainage and reflexology. This really is where you come to get set on the right path to optimum health and wellness.

THE MUST-TRY: For those who have suffered with covid, an additional anti-inflammatory ‘Long Covid’ program can be added, which, with the help of expert medical staff, will help you regain strength and respiratory health through a combination of testing, altitude training, tailored infusions and physiotherapy.