How To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa, According To Interior Experts

In The Hari Hong Kong penthouse bathroom, brushed brass, gleaming marble and acres of natural light combine to create a high-rise haven

A bathroom should be a truly tranquil oasis in your home; a serene spot in which to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. So, whether you are undergoing a major interiors overhaul or looking to add a few impactful touches to your washroom, three designers share how to create a spa-inspired setting. By KATIE BERRINGTON


Keep it calm – and add a prominent centerpiece

“A bathroom should be a sanctuary where you can unwind from the excitement of the day, designed with the ultimate purpose of refreshing and recharging,” says interior designer Tara Bernerd. She advises keeping clutter to a minimum to ensure the overall aesthetic is calm, but also suggests adding a statement centerpiece: “A grandiose tub is always the perfect anchor.”

Find space for features that feel truly luxurious

“It’s ideal when there is space for a free-standing bathtub and a generous walk-in shower, rather than having to pick one or the other,” says Keren Richter of White Arrow design studio. But even when space is limited, there are other ways to achieve that luxe-spa atmosphere. “We often design steam showers and hidden niches that give the minimalistic ‘spa-like’ feel, like giant rain showerheads, radiant heating and thermostatic controls for a luxurious environment.”

This pared-back space is all about variations in texture, from the sheer curtains and statement tub to the almost ethereal glass pendant

Lean in to layers

The bathroom is a space in which to try combining different colors and textures for a laid-back, layered look that will draw the eye to its contrasting elements. “I love the materiality of cool marbles and stone paired with metallic details,” says Bernerd. “For The Hari Hong Kong, we chose an opulent statuario marble, which is a mix of pure white interspersed with smoky grays, to contrast beautifully with the warm antique brass sanitaryware and mirror frames.”

Curate the most attractive products to display

“Displaying a curation of favorite products in a beautiful way adds to the spa-like experience at home,” says ceramicist Marloe Morgan, founder of stoneware design studio Marloe Marloe. Ensure that you have sleek storage to conceal the necessities, then pick objects to show off the most aesthetically pleasing beauty tools and products. “Choosing neutral decorative pieces is an effortless way to do this. I use our vanity set in my bathroom for housing the pieces of jewelry I reach for daily, alongside my go-to skincare products.”

Displaying a curation of favorite products in a beautiful way adds to the spa-like experience at home
Marloe Morgan

Get creative with your tiling

Thinking outside the box when it comes to tiling can provide a striking effect. Explore how alternative, creative tile applications might work on your walls and floors, “be it unusual patterning created with a field tile, tile ‘carpet’ borders or coordinating trim pieces that allow a tile to run, uninterrupted, throughout a space,” advises Richter.

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting

“I love bathrooms to be bathed in natural light; we layer our light fixtures – for instance, utilizing a pair of sconces on either side of a mirror, so that light bounces onto one’s face, in conjunction with overhead lighting,” Richter continues. “This minimizes hard, unflattering shadows and allows you to see better for makeup application, too. Dimmers for ambience are also super-important.”

Pay attention to small details

Creating a decadent space dedicated to tranquillity and relaxation is just as much about the added touches as the overall design. “Bathrooms can no longer be throw-away areas or an afterthought. They need to be spaces of indulgence; chic havens that are practical, yet alluring,” Bernerd says. “Simple touches to elevate a space include plush towels, candles and decorative soap trays, which help bring a new feeling of life and lift the mood of the room.”

Potted plants and cut foliage enliven any space, but are particularly effective in a bathroom, for both the color and texture they bring