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How to survive the morning after

The morning after – 1960s style – courtesy of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Burning the candle at both ends? Here is PORTER’s expert guide to looking good and feeling revived…


The holiday season is upon us and, despite celebrations being more low-key this year, there will inevitably be some excess. You might have enjoyed a fantastic evening, but the morning after the night before is sometimes rather less palatable. So if you’re lacking energy and feeling a little jaded, here are the expert quick fixes that will get your glow back on track.

Calm potential breakouts

“Use a gentle exfoliating mask overnight to smooth any breakouts so they’re easier to cover,” says Hollywood-based skincare guru Joanna Vargas. “I encourage my celebrity clients [including Julianne Moore, Dakota Johnson and Naomi Watts] to sleep in an exfoliating mask the night before a red-carpet event because it also evens out the skin and calms inflammation.”

Add scents to energize

Showering and washing your hair when you wake up will work wonders to make you feel immediately refreshed. If you’re feeling sluggish, rub ginger, lavender or peppermint essential oils on your chest and the palms of your hands first – a few deep inhalations of these calming scents will help revive your senses.

Plump and brighten

A sheet mask is a great way to treat dull skin. “I love my Dawn Sheet Mask for hangover days,” says Vargas. “It resurfaces the skin and contains vitamin C, so it’s super-brightening.” For best results, chill it in the fridge beforehand and use a facial roller over the mask to help with lymphatic drainage.

Rehydrate your body

“Make your own rehydration drink at home,” advises London-based nutritionist Gabriela Peacock. “Dissolve 1tbsp of sugar and 1tsp of salt in a half liter of water. Coconut water is a great choice, as it naturally contains antioxidants and electrolytes to maintain healthy hydration levels. Or choose a supplement like GP Nutrition SOS ME, which has essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc and choline, which can help you feel more energized.”

Up your energy levels

“Drinking a cocktail or two can deplete vitamins B and C, making you feel lethargic,” explains Peacock. “Avoid caffeine and choose a fresh green juice instead (carrots, spinach, broccoli and kale are full of vitamin A, which is just the ticket for naturally glowing skin) – or kombucha, as the bacteria in this fermented drink balances out the gut.

Hide dark circles

“Before going in with your usual concealer, use a corrector: a salmon-colored one for lighter skin tones, peach or orange for darker skin tones,” says Rose-Marie Swift, the founder of natural beauty brand RMS and a makeup artist whose clients include the likes of Gisele and Miranda Kerr. “Going straight in with a lighter concealer could highlight the blue, tired tone, rather than hide it.”

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