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The Beauty, Fitness And Fashion A-List Share Their Best Health And Wellness Tips

We ask some of the biggest names in beauty, wellness and fashion for their tips on feeling and looking great in 2023 – from super-quick workouts when you’re short on time to practicing gratitude and the best meditation apps

As told to Newby Hands

Miranda Kerr, model and founder of Kora Organics

“I’ve learned to incorporate quickie workouts into my busy mom/work life. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to dedicate a full hour to working out when you’re so busy, which is why I love a short, quick option. You really feel like you are getting great results in 20-minute increments throughout the day. Megan Roup’s The Sculpt Society has some incredible options ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, which makes it easy to choose whatever works for you.”

Hannah Bronfman, founder of HBFIT

“The key to setting myself up for a healthy and productive week is to make sure I have a morning routine in place. That includes working out, supplements and never skipping breakfast. If I’m working out at home, I will always do a workout from the Kira Stokes app, or Pilates flow using my Bala bangles. Post-workout, I’ll have a protein-focused breakfast and take my supplements. I recommend setting an alarm every day so you don’t forget to take them, and always keep them in your kitchen – that way you’re more likely to remember to have them with food in the morning. My go-tos are a probiotic, Earth & Star Brain Drops and Cymbiotika Vitamin C.”

Emily Oberg, founder of Sporty & Rich

“Some of the best wellness routines are absolutely free, and one of my favorites for my mental health is a daily practice of gratitude. This can be done at any time: when you wake up, when you’re on your way to work, before bed. I like to list at least three things I’m grateful for each day, and they can be anything from ‘I am grateful for running water and electricity’ to ‘I am grateful for my family and all that they do for me’. It’s so simple and it’s just about getting into the habit of doing it. I also like to plan my workouts the week before so I can hold myself accountable and don’t have to think about it during the busy week. I usually write into my calendar the workout I’m going to do each day, so I have no excuses not to do it.”

Ditte Reffstrup, creative director at Ganni

“I have a really busy schedule during the week, so I try to squeeze in small things on a daily basis and prioritize three key things to take care of myself. Firstly, because I live in Copenhagen, I am able to cycle everywhere – it’s the 20 minutes I have to myself every day, going to and from the office; it’s great exercise and gives me time to create head space. Secondly, I work hard to take care of my skin. I really believe in nurturing your skin every day; my go-to is Biologique Recherche, and I’m also experimenting with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s amazing products. As an act of self-care, I prioritize getting a facial once a month, too. Lastly, every night before I go to sleep, I’ve started to meditate to clear my mind. It helps me feel less tense about the day I’ve been through and what’s coming up in the days ahead.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm, founder of Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare

“I like to work out in the morning, as moving is one of the best things for anti-aging. It’s also a great start to the day, as those endorphins are the greatest feeling. I have the same approach to fitness as I do with skin: nothing should hurt! Feeling a little sore or fatigued is normal when you’re exercising, but avoid workouts that leave your body in pain, as that can be a sign of inflammation. I like to have a great workout outfit and I love Varley leggings and its ‘Irena’ sports bra – they’re so comfortable for any activity, including Pilates, yoga or hiking. Meanwhile, if I’m skiing, Perfect Moment has the best ski suits and jackets.”

Patricia Zhou, ballet dancer and choreographer

“If nothing else, I always stretch my hips and glutes out, whether I’m dancing or not, as even sitting for long periods of time, like on flights or long days at a desk, can cause tightness. Folding forward over crossed legs and a deep lunge work well. Also, for anyone with painful feet, ice baths are a recent discovery that I swear by – after a long day of dancing on pointe, my toes kill! But after an ice bath, they feel as good as new the next day. It is a bit chilly, but only 20 minutes are needed, and it really solves most things.”

Simone De La Rue, founder of Body by Simone

“For anyone struggling with motivation or inspiration for their workouts, just start with 10 minutes. It doesn’t feel overwhelming, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can actually achieve in just 10 minutes. The most difficult challenge is getting moving, but once you start and feel the good endorphins pumping through your body, you are much more likely to continue – and then that 10 minutes turns into 20, then 30 minutes.”

Tata Harper, founder of Tata Harper skincare

“I find apps so helpful in my daily life; I use BrainTap at night to wind down before sleep, as the guided meditations help melt away the stress from my day and prepare me for a good night’s sleep before the craziness starts all over again. I like the Sacred Acoustics app when I’m feeling stuck creatively or just need a reset during my day, too. I’ll listen to a recording and do a quick meditation at my desk, and it always helps me rebalance and focus on my remaining tasks for the day. Meanwhile, the BrainWave: Altered States app allows you to combine its mind-altering binaural sequences with your choice of music on iTunes or Spotify – it’s another app I use to wind down with at night, as it’s one of my favorite ways to destress.”

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