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The 5 Makeup Hacks You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Know

Celebrity makeup artist PATI DUBROFF is renowned for creating undeniably gorgeous skin and makeup looks for her A-list clientele. Here, she shares her top tips so you can elevate your own techniques in real life. By MALENA HARBERS

Red-carpet icons Simone Ashley and Kaia Gerber are among Pati Dubroff’s clients

By virtue of the coveted red-carpet glow she’s created for the likes of Margot Robbie, Simone Ashley, Kaia Gerber, Jodie Comer, Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Richie, Chanel makeup artist Pati Dubroff knows a thing or two about elevating a look. Here, she shares the Hollywood-approved hacks that are guaranteed to reinvigorate the way you apply makeup, for stunning results at your next summer party and beyond.

Start with a facial tool

“By spending just five or 10 minutes with a face roller or microcurrent device, you’ll be amazed at how radiant your skin looks before applying makeup,” says Dubroff. “It stimulates blood flow and gets the juices flowing – and when you start applying makeup from that place, as opposed to where your skin looks cold, it makes a big difference.” Depending on how much time she has, Dubroff alternates between ReFa face rollers (“They’re very high-quality and you don’t have to charge them”) and NuFace and Ziip Beauty for micro- and nanocurrent stimulation. For more lasting benefits, she suggests using the two types of tools on alternate days, a few times a week. “The trick with any tool is to always move it in an up-and-out motion, never down.”

Mix and match textures

“When it comes to radiant skin, make sure you apply a thoughtful amount of coverage, but allow your skin to still feel alive.” To get this effect, Dubroff suggests zoning your skincare to prep your complexion properly. “You want hydration and moisture around the perimeter of your face and a mattifying primer through the center, near the chin, nose and at the top of the forehead, so you don’t have to rely on powder so much – it’s aging, heavy and takes away the ‘naturalness’ of skin.” Next, use different foundation textures to get that flawless-but-real skin polish. “Apply a creamy formula through the center, where you want that extra coverage, and something more liquid-based around the outer edges of the face so that it feels alive and glowy,” she says. If you need to take any excess shine down, Dubroff suggests blotting powder only where needed, using a tiny brush for precision. “It’s difficult to bring skin back to life after you’ve applied too much powder.”

Position color carefully

The key to youthful-looking blush is to keep it on the apples of the cheeks. “Do a big cheesy smile and you’ll see exactly where you want to apply it,” says Dubroff. “Avoid taking it too close to your nose and those crinkles by the eye.” Just as important is to stick to cream-based formulas and to ensure the edges of your blush are diffused. To add staying power, you can follow with a light dusting of powder blush in a matching or similar shade to set the color in place. “A gentle amount of contour is not a bad thing, either,” she says. “If you want to subtly carve out your cheekbones, sweep color along the bone, just under the cheeks; if you have freckles, match your contour shade to them them – they’re the ideal tone.”

Avoid hard lines

“As soon as eyeliner is too sharp, graphic and linear, it can look a little severe,” says Dubroff. Plus, a polished look is more difficult to achieve. “You’ll spend too much time and effort on creating something graphic.” Whatever type of swoosh or flick you prefer, Dubroff suggests softening the edges so it’s a more forgiving shape. “After you create your preferred line with a pencil, use a tiny brush to blend and diffuse it out. Even if it’s a cat eye, I’ll do it with a little diffusion.” For more longevity, she always applies a matte eyeshadow in the same or similar shade as the eyeliner on top, too.

Commit to a skin refresh

When you’re heading out for a party after work, it’s common to want to preserve your makeup and add more on top, but “it actually makes such a huge difference to your overall look if you wipe off the foundation you’ve put on in the morning and apply a fresh coat before your evening out instead,” says Dubroff. “If skin looks fresh, then anything else will look even better. Relying on makeup that’s been on since 8am won’t do the trick because it’ll be settled in a way that’s not pretty. So, redo your skin, leave your eye makeup intact, and build on the eye area only.”


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