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How to get rid of puffy eyes

As the facial feature we focus on when we’re introduced to someone, the eyes are key to making a good first impression. Here’s how to keep yours fresh, bright and puff-free. By NEWBY HANDS


The lowdown

With 22 muscles working up to 10,000 times a day, protected only by the thinnest, driest, most fragile skin on the body, it’s no surprise the eyes are the first place to age. Before you even see the lines, the loss of elasticity can be measured in the skin. While the weakest part is the upper eyelid, the real problems appear below the eye – a recent study showed that the skin directly under the eyes is a staggering 10 to 20 years older than that on the cheek, as this delicate skin ages more quickly than that on the rest of the face.

The products to use

Increasingly, women are abandoning their eye creams and using their normal skincare around the eyes. But it’s just not enough: the eyes need targeted, specific products. Choose light-textured gels and creams (heavier creams can cause puffiness) that absorb easily to hydrate this ultra-dry skin – everyone will benefit from more moisture here, as very often those fine lines are from dehydration, not age. Alternatively, light-textured oils, such as Uma Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil, can be excellent for plumping up flat, fragile and crepey skin. Whatever you use, apply it to the bone around the eyes using the pad of your ring finger – it’s been shown to use the least pressure on this delicate area – and work outwards to help drain any puffiness.

Call in the specialists

Eye masks are brilliant and can transform the look of your eyes. If you don’t have puffy eyes, then try sleeping in a creamy gel mask, like the excellent Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask. For faster results, layer an eye mask over an eye gel, or even your favorite hydrating face serum – and chilling the mask in the fridge beforehand will help to de-puff and firm the skin.

The lifting technique

“The product makes up 70 percent of results, while 30 percent is how you apply it,” says Dallas-based aesthetician Joanna Czech. “Work around the eye, using the fingertips to press and release – this microscopically opens up the skin, allowing the cream in, so when released the skin holds the cream like filler.” To lift the upper eyelids, she advises: “Start at the inner ends of the brows, and firmly pinch and hold for 20 seconds – on a scale of discomfort, you should feel an eight. Work outwards along the brow. Then repeat, but this time pinch and pull the brows out and up. Do this three times daily and you’ll see the results,” says Czech. She always keeps two dessert spoons in the fridge, as “they’re excellent to press around tired, puffy eyes”. Alternatively, Anne Semonin Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes soothe and hydrate weary eyes.

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