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The styling essential: a chain necklace

Hitting the sweet spot between classic and contemporary, a chain necklace is an essential component of any jewelry collection

Necklaces, Lauren Rubinski

Previously a ubiquitous yet often underrated piece of jewelry, chain necklaces have recently become the most covetable addition to a collection. Of course, you could put it down to the phenomenal success of the TV adaption of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People – the lead character Connell’s own chain necklace now has its very own Instagram account, boasting more than 186,000 followers – but in truth, this renaissance is the handiwork of game-changing jewelers who have put a contemporary spin on this classic piece. Chief among them? Paris-based jeweler Lauren Rubinski. Her oversized and two-toned styles have been worn by everyone from supermodels Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to arbiters of taste including Sophia Roe and Marie von Behrens. In Rubinski’s opinion, chains have never been passé; in fact, it’s their wide-ranging resonance that attracted her in the first place: “Chain-link pieces have always been a staple in my book. From hip-hop culture to the quintessential Italian ’60s look, chains have been a classic in many different cultures.” When it comes to styling, the appeal of a chain necklace is obvious: endlessly wearable, it can be used to toughen up feminine dresses or even elevate luxe sweats, a quality that was invaluable during lockdown. However, for Rubinski the allure of a chunky chain necklace goes beyond mere aesthetics: “They always make an impression; it’s the perfect finishing touch to any look.”