The Beauty Memo

Victoria Beckham’s AM/PM routine

From her daily dose of apple cider vinegar to the refrigerator where she keeps her face masks, VICTORIA BECKHAM shares the health and beauty rules she swears by



I like to be the first up

Each morning, the first thing I do is have three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, followed by a mug of hot water and lemon and multiple coffees. I then like to get my workout done – and I have to say, the coffees help me do that. Normally, when the children are at school, I get up about 6am to work out, then I get their breakfast before I or David take them to school. But since we have been in lockdown, we are getting up a little bit later and getting more sleep. I go to bed quite late as we have older children and we like to hang out with them during the evening, so it’s been a real luxury to get more sleep just now.

I don’t like to overload my skin

I use a face wash and then I always use my Victoria Beckham Beauty Power Serum on my face, neck, chest and around my eyes, followed by the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturiser, and that’s all I tend to do. Working with Professor Augustinus Bader on these products was a dream come true, and using his technology is key to all I wanted in my moisturizer. Recently, I’ve been using my new Golden shade of the Priming Moisturizer, which I love as it’s nice to have that extra glow. I use it throughout the day as well. I put my makeup on, then, during the day, I tap the moisturizer on to my face to refresh my makeup – it stops it looking too powdery or cloggy and gives it a fresh glow. I also use a bit on my chest, and on my arms and legs if I’m wearing something where they show.

I’m at home now during the day

But I’m still wearing a bit of makeup. I’m loving the new Satin Kajal Liner; I’m no makeup artist, but its creamy texture makes it very easy to use with your finger, and it almost looks better at the end of the day. I use the Bitten Lip Tint on my lips and cheeks, as it gives a fresh, sun-kissed look, and I also use the No 2 Lip Definer – it makes me look a bit more ‘done’, but in a very subtle way. The Signature Smoky Eye Brick is my go-to that I use every day, but for evening, I love the Tuxedo palette.

I take a lot of supplements

I really like Puori – it’s a clean Danish brand from Copenhagen. I add its CP1 Pure Collagen Peptides powder to coffee or water, and I also take fish oils, magnesium and vitamin C with zinc. I take vitamins for my hair and nails, too, and Basis NAD+ by Elysium, and I drink Skinade collagen drink, which is really good. I take quite a few supplements, so it can be difficult to actually know what’s working!

On a ‘bad face day’…

I use a tip from aesthetician Melanie Grant, who has always given me great advice. I asked her what to do if you wake up with a puffy face, and she told me she dunks her face in a bowl of iced water. If I have time, I do the little 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask to depuff, or I love the Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask. Melanie custom-makes these strawberry, peach and blueberry face masks, but they smell so good it’s difficult to resist eating them. I also have one of those face rollers, so, if I’m feeling puffy, I use that – but normally, by the time I’ve had the cider vinegar, my hot water and a coffee, it’s all a lot better.

My workout routine is really key for me

It’s what I do every day. Gwyneth Paltrow introduced me to the Tracy Anderson Method, and she has said that working out daily for her is like cleaning her teeth; it’s what you do. First, I do an uphill fast walk/run – it’s on quite an incline, so it’s good cardio. Then I do a session with weights and bands – either with my trainer or by myself. I dance a lot, and I’ve done the Tracy Anderson Method for over nine years now; you focus on every single muscle in your body and it’s quite intense. Tracy is a really great woman, and since being introduced to her Method, it has changed how I feel, my confidence levels and how I hold myself. For me, it’s about making the best of what I have and maintaining it rather than doing anything drastic.

I used to be a dancer, and people ask me all the time if I miss my times being on stage with the Spice Girls. I don’t, but I do miss my time as a dancer. Recently, we’ve also been doing a lot of walking after dinner, and I love walking and hiking. We do it in LA and it’s something we can enjoy as a family. We were out walking the other day and it was lovely hearing the children laughing and having great conversations.

I’m fascinated by the German approach to health

I went to Villa Stéphanie in Baden-Baden a few years ago and it was incredible. I wanted to improve my work-life balance and be more mindful. The doctor there, Dr König, was amazing – and his advice quite life-changing. There are so many mixed messages about food these days and I learnt so much from him. He introduced me to scientific approaches to food that I have taken on board.

I’m flexible with regards to food, as David and I are very sociable, and we like to eat out. But when I do eat well, I see the difference in my skin – my eyes are whiter and sparklier and I have so much more energy. I eat lots of fresh fish, fresh vegetables and salads, as well as seeds and nuts. I also love fruit but don’t eat too much, as it can make me feel quite bloated. I am disciplined with my eating – that’s how I find I get the most out of my body. My treat is a few glasses of red wine, and I also love tequila, and I do eat carbs. I have lots of avocado and really good fats, like salmon. With four children and a job, I work long hours and doing this works for me so I can give 100 percent.

The best advice I’ve been given?

That was from Dr. Harold Lancer. He’s a dermatologist in LA. I have a really good relationship with him and have seen him for years. I had bad acne and he’s the one who got rid of it after I struggled with it through all three pregnancies with the boys. He’s so knowledgeable, and one piece of advice he gave was to eat salmon every single day. I grew up in the 1990s, when we were told eating fat would make you fat, but Dr. Lancer has taught me a lot about how the good fats in fish and avocado are essential.


I love pampering sessions with Harper

As busy as I am, I’m usually home to have dinner with the kids – Harper and I love to have a pampering session. She’s very girly and our new thing is hair masks. I also have the Sarah Chapman Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer – it’s excellent, and steaming is very important for your face. I use the steam, then Harper does, and we do our face masks, eye masks and we do each other’s nails. Quite often, I come home from work and she’s run me a bath. She puts candles and flower petals around the bath and she makes the towels into these sweetheart shapes. We also love our Epsom salt baths.

My body care is really simple

I really like Weleda Skin Food; my skin drinks it up – I like a cream that lasts for the day. I also have a giant body scrubber – it’s a huge brush, like something you’d brush a horse with – and I use it before I get in the bath.

If I’m going out…

I have a little beauty refrigerator and I keep my masks cold in there. If I have the time, I lie down for 15 minutes with the Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask on. I wash my face afterwards, as it can be sticky if you use makeup afterwards, then I use my serum and cream. I apply my makeup while having the 111Skin masks under my eyes – I keep those in the fridge, too, and David loves using them as well. At the end of my makeup, I always use the Priming Moisturiser and dab it over to freshen it.

Jet lag is really difficult

I try not to take any sleep medication, and I get into bed and try to read rather than being on my iPad or phone. I’ll take magnesium and have herbal tea and try to go to sleep, but it’s easier said than done. If you are a working mom, you have to get up and power through. And I always do my workout; I never skip it, even though I can feel tired, as it gives you more energy and gets you back into your routine. I don’t have the luxury of napping during the day, so when I do fly, as soon as the plane lands, I get straight into whatever time zone I am in.

I like to try different masks

I use my Power Serum on my eyes, neck, chest and hands. A lot of people forget the chest, but it’s as important as your face. Sometimes, I do a light peel from CosMedix, and I use its foaming wash, and the oil face wash to remove my makeup. The brand also does a really nice Eye Doctor eye cream.

When I can’t sleep…

I love crystals and crystal energy, and I have a lot by the side of my bed; I hold them and try to meditate and relax. Dr König gave me a tip: rather than coming home and spending the evening lounging around in your pajamas, which we love to do as a family, you train your mind to put on your pajamas later, when you go to bed, so it becomes your routine – and I do like my routines.

On my bedside table, I have…

My Kindle, my eye mask and my crystals.

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