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6 new makeup trends you’ll actually want to try

Testing a new trend can refresh your whole aesthetic, as well as your makeup kit. Here are six new-season looks you’ll want to wear, says GEORGIA DAY

Candice Swanepoel

Think of makeup trends and you might recall the bleached brows and graphic liner looks so loved by runway designers, but impossible (and often undesirable) for real women to achieve in real life. Which is why, when it comes to looks that are simple but impactful, we’ve distilled the best of the best – whatever your skin tone, age or artistic ability. Here’s how to wear them…

New metallics

Molten metal shades are always a good idea, but the new iteration is softer than before, with standout shades including copper, rose gold and rose quartz. If you’re nervous, take comfort from the fact that the last is a universally flattering shade with just the right blend of warmth and coolness. “Rose quartz is a magic shade that makes you look warm and tanned, no matter your skin tone,” says makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who showcased the look on Candice Swanepoel (pictured) at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Because it’s not as dramatic as deeper metallics, it’s a look you can sweep all over the eyes. Use a small shadow-buffing brush to press on your chosen pigment first, then blend out for soft edges.

Models in the Isabel Marant FW21 runway show

Shimmer-free skin

For a more grown-up take on glow, aim for skin that gleams instead of sparkles. A look that feels resolutely fresh, it’s more flattering on mature skin, as overly shimmery textures can gather in fine lines. To get the look, you’ll need to retire the iridescent highlighters in favor of other textures that give a natural, healthy sheen. “I love using balms or even face creams for a look that’s super-dewy but without shimmer,” says Oquendo. “Just tap them on after the rest of your makeup, applying to the high points of the face.” One caveat: using emollient products will cut wearability time, as they tend to melt a little, especially in the heat. To offset this, try misting your face with a setting spray once the look is complete.

Very berry lips

Pillar-box red or neutral shades have always been go-to lip hues, but the latest slew of award shows proved that deeper colors can be every bit as elegant. Proving the versatility of berry shades, we saw Oquendo’s handiwork on Maggie Gyllenhaal in Cannes, while Andra Day sported a glossy blackcurrant mouth at the Golden Globes. “If you want to toe touch into a dark color, go for a mauve lip gloss paired with a rosy lip liner,” says Oquendo. “It’ll give you a watercolor-type of look, which is a great way to flirt with deeper tones.”

Penélope Cruz and Andra Day
The Jason Wu FW21 runway show

All-over color

Call it a reaction to the past 18 months, but eyes adorned with all-over color is not just celebratory but surprisingly wearable, too, providing a fresh foil to all skin tones, from porcelain to deep. If you don’t want to commit to washes of shadow, try pencils instead. “Gel pencils are a great way to control bright colors,” says Oquendo. “You can pack on the pigments and, once they’re set, they really stay.” Although pastel shades such as lilac and pale blue were hits this summer, Oquendo advises going for more widely flattering jewel tones if you’re new to punchier hues.

Lupita Nyong’o

Modern mascara rules

Mascara will always be a makeup staple, but now’s the time to upgrade from your usual black to something a little more playful. Experimenting with color is an easy way to try new hues while still reaping all the eye-framing benefits. If you have blue eyes, try burgundy mascara, while violet will suit green eyes and deep forest greens are perfect for brown eyes. If you do want to play with contrasting colors, take note: “One of my favorite looks is pairing a touch of navy-blue pencil with lots of deep-blue mascara. It looks like denim on denim, kind of like a Canadian tuxedo,” says Oquendo.

Blush takes center stage

Don’t underestimate the power of blush – something professional makeup artists love for its skin-brightening, eye-whitening abilities. To make a statement, take Oquendo’s lead and learn to layer. First, apply a tinted moisturizer all over with an angled blusher brush. Using the same tool, with the residue formula still on, apply a cream blush in an oval shape on the tops of your cheekbone, taking it towards your ear. “The way it just whips the cheek looks like the flush is coming from underneath the skin,” he says. To finish, take a clean brush and apply a little lightweight powder blush over the top. “Adding all those different layers adds so much depth and dimension to your cheeks.”

The Simone Rocha FW21 show


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