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Why the secret to glowing skin today starts the night before

When you want to take your complexion to a whole new level of healthy, glowing radiance, it’s what you do the night before, not on the day, that counts. NEWBY HANDS shares the evening regimen that guarantees waking up to your best skin possible


When Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, walked down the aisle on her wedding day, her incredible complexion was as beautiful and globally discussed as her dress. But beyond some early-morning hydrating skincare, the real work had been put in the night before, according to London-based esthetician Sarah Chapman, the woman who helped create the duchess’s glow. “It’s the esthetician’s secret that the real results of a great facial don’t stop when the treatment ends,” says Chapman. “Massage, machines and micro-needling stimulate the skin’s micro-circulation and get the skin functioning at its optimum level so that, no matter how good you look post-facial, the best is yet to come – and that’s what you see the day after.”

Forget the old-school advice of leaving skin bare at night so it can ‘breathe’. “Overnight is when the skin repairs and rejuvenates, peaking around 2am,” explains Chapman. “You want to support that with active ingredients, and as the skin naturally loses more moisture overnight, you can compensate for that as well.” This is Chapman’s stop-by-step guide to perfect night-before prep…

Start with a good cleanse

“It’s how you do it, not how many times you do it, that counts. An oil or balm is good for ‘slip’, so you can massage it in firmly, using your knuckles to work over the face. Or, for oilier skin, try a clay-based cleanser.”

Don’t be adventurous

“If your skin looks dull or you have a fading tan, then do a light peel, but not if there’s even the faintest chance of sensitivity or redness. The same goes for using a retinol, unless you’ve used it for years and know exactly how your skin reacts. If you are OK to use them, then a retinol and vitamin C make a nice overnight combination, or try peptides, as they can give that wonderful smooth, glass-skin effect.”

Make time for massage

“Layer up serums, an oil and a moisturizer, and really massage them into the skin to get the circulation going.”

More is more

“Leave a layer of your skincare cocktail – serum, oil, cream – on your skin. You get that radiance from having super-hydrated and nourished skin; you can even add in a hyaluronic-acid face mask, but leave everything on so you go to bed with your skin feeling sticky.”

The morning after

“Keep it simple and do a light cleanse, followed by your usual daily serum and a light hydrating moisturizer, so your skin is plumped up and dewy and perfect for makeup to sit on.”


Night one – be more adventurous

“You don’t want a deep peel that leaves you flaky two days later, but something that takes off dead skin cells so that products penetrate better. If your skin is sensitive, do a clay mask instead. Follow with a hyaluronic-acid mask, then a good face cream to seal in the hydration. This is also the night to steam the skin or do some light microneedling, or something like my Meso-Melt Infusion System. It’s a microneedling device, but the needle tips are made of stems cells, hyaluronic acid and peptides, which dissolve into the skin as you use it. Plus, it creates micro channels, so any products used afterwards are better absorbed and you can get all the benefits, but without any damage from overdoing the microneedling. You want the effects without the redness or sensitivity.”

Night two – focus on rejuvenation

“Use an LED mask, if you have one, or a microcurrent toning device if you prefer. Then it’s about hydrating and nourishing the skin with a good mask and hyaluronic-acid serums. Use vitamin C, a few drops of face oil and do lots of massage to get as much product into the skin as you can, and leave any excess on the face overnight.”

The morning after

“After a light cleanse, use an oil-based serum if your skin is naturally dry, or add half a drop of oil to your hydrating serum, as while your skin will be plumped up, even the smallest amount of oil can give it that beautiful dewy juiciness.”


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