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14 must-see documentaries to add to your watch list

Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold

From the recent releases that have got everyone talking to the award-winning films available on demand, these are the most insightful and extraordinary documentaries to download now


Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold

In an intimate profile directed by her nephew, the actor and producer Griffin Dunne, literary figure Joan Didion contemplates the professional triumphs and personal struggles she has experienced. On Netflix

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic with one of his many ‘pet’ tigers

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

The latest true-crime series to grip Netflix viewers shows the sinister underbelly of big-cat breeding in the USA. With a line-up of eccentric personalities, centered on zoo keeper Joe Exotic, the story encompasses murder-for-hire, a mysterious disappearance and a cult-like ownership of exotic animals. On Netflix

Crip Camp

Produced by Michelle and Barack Obama’s Higher Ground Productions, Crip Camp is an inspiring account of teenagers who attended New York’s Camp Jened in the early 1970s, many of whom became activists who went on to transform the disability-rights movement. On Netflix

Seven Worlds, One Planet spans the continents and their unique ecosystems

Seven Worlds, One Planet

If you missed David Attenborough’s latest breathtaking, tear-inducing series, now is the time to catch up (apply this to any of his films you haven’t yet seen or would like to rewatch). Marvel at the wonders of the world and wildlife in their natural habitats from your sofa, as each episode focuses on one contintent and the impact that humanity is having on them. On BBC iPlayer

Three Identical Strangers tells the tale of triplets Edward Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran

Three Identical Strangers

The story of identical triplets separated at birth and adopted by three different families, before a chance encounter at college brings them back together, is surreal and disturbing given the circumstances and consequences that underly it. On Hulu

For Sama

This multi-award-winning documentary is essential viewing, with its epic portrayal of the female experience of conflict. “A love letter from a young mother to her daughter”, it follows the journey of Waad al-Kateab, filmed over five years of the Syria uprising, as she marries, gives birth to her daughter, Sama, and faces the choice of fleeing Aleppo. On All 4 in the UK and PBS in the US

Get a glimpse into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s life and work in Knock Down The House

Knock Down The House

This 2019 documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at four working-class female candidates – including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – and their journeys in the race for Congress in 2018. On Netflix

McQueen features interviews by the designer’s best friends, including Kate Moss, seen here at his SS01 show


A moving insight into the genius and torment of Alexander McQueen’s remarkable life and work, his visionary designs and his untimely death. On Netflix

Don’t F*** With Cats

Subtitled Hunting an Internet Killer, this addictive, limited series is about a group of amateur internet sleuths who set out to track down a man posting videos online of his gruesome crimes. On Netflix

Fyre founder Billy McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison in 2018 for wire-fraud charges


Get ready for the bizarre scandal of Fyre Festival, the would-be luxury musical event in the Bahamas that turned into a spectacular failure at the hands of its leadership. On Netflix

Alex Honnold takes on a seemingly impossible rope-free climb in Free Solo

Free Solo

This National Geographic documentary will have you on the edge of your seat, as it follows free solo climber Alex Honnold preparing to take on his ultimate challenge – climbing the face of Yosemite National Park’s 3,000ft El Capitan without a rope. On Disney+


Cheer tumbled on to our screens earlier this year, showcasing the competitive Cheer Team of Navarro College in Texas, as they prepare for the 2019 national championships in Daytona, Florida. As cheerleading takes center stage, it is both the mesmerizing routines and near-impossible stunts, as well as the engaging life stories off the mat, that make it difficult to look away. On Netflix

Amazing Grace

Released after Aretha Franklin’s death in 2018, this moving depiction of the legendary soul singer was filmed during the recording of her live gospel album of the same name in 1972. On Amazon

A-list stars including Reese Witherspoon and Oprah have expressed their obsession with Cheer
Director Ava DuVernay called on influential voices for 13th, including political activist Angela Davis


Ava DuVernay’s Emmy-winning documentary is a searing exploration into the history of racial inequality in the US, particularly examining the treatment of African Americans within the criminal justice system. On Netflix

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