All The Benefits Of A Feel-Good Skincare Routine, According To Sienna Miller’s Facialist

Skincare practices and products that focus on the connection between our mood and skin health are set to be bigger than ever this year. Celebrity facialist ANNEE DE MAMIEL – whose clients include Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and Sofia Coppola – uses a mix of Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, breathwork and massage to treat the effects of stress on skin. Here, she shares her five essential skin hacks with MALENA HARBERS – and why they really work

Actor Sienna Miller – and her glowing complexion – are both advocates of Annee de Mamiel’s skin-boosting treatments

Maximize your double cleanse

“Double cleansing is a key tenet of good skin,” says acupuncturist and healing facialist Annee de Mamiel. “The first cleanse removes the grime of the day, and the second is when I like to do my face massage. You can use the same cleanser twice – I like to use an oil- or balm-based formula to ensure all the grime is removed. This first step is where you can really feed the skin, especially when using de Mamiel’s Restorative Cleansing Balm, as it gives you that incredible slip to work through the contours of the face and to really get deep into the massage. To wash it off, a warm cloth is a must. Many people have difficulty removing all the debris and build-up, so the warmth works to thoroughly melt everything still sitting on your skin and reactivate any essential oils in your cleanser at the same time. Afterwards, a cold-water splash for two minutes will help the lymphatic system flush it all away. This really brightens the skin, too.”

Focus on massage

“When it comes to getting incredible skin, massage is the most important ritual, as it connects your hands to your face,” affirms de Mamiel. “You can feel the tension in your facial muscles and, through massage, you’ll get that sense of releasing and letting go of the stressors of the day. You’ll also get massive skin benefits: massage increases circulation, which brings oxygenated blood, minerals and vitamins to the skin, and takes away the puffiness.” The right technique? “You can do so many different types of movement according to what your skin feels like it needs on that day. What’s most important it to massage every product into your skin. So, rather than just applying a serum or cream and moving on to the next step in your routine, spend an extra 30 seconds to thoroughly massage each product in as you go.”

Don’t overdo it

“People tend to over-cleanse and over-exfoliate, especially when using acids and peels, which strip the pH mantle of the skin and destroy the microbiome. It also unbalances the skin and creates a cycle of dryness, dehydration and redness. I use very mild fruit acids and gentle enzymes to invigorate the complexion rather than strip it. Depending on your skin type, do this twice a week at most and you’ll still see a visible brightening effect.”

Get to know your skin

“Take the time to observe what’s going on with your skin. Do you have redness in the morning, or maybe the evening? Where are your dry patches, if any? Do you have dehydration, or is it dryness? Then, experiment a little; see what makes it better and build on that. Our stress levels, what we eat, our hormones and the weather all fluctuate on a daily basis and have an impact on the skin, so noticing what’s going on will improve the quality of your complexion.” Once you’re aware of what your skin needs, de Mamiel advises investing in quality products. “We can get away with things that aren’t so expensive for some steps, like using a beautiful rose water rather than an expensive toner, but for serums and moisturizers, quality is key.”

Take time to breathe

“What we hold in our bodies and minds shows on our skin first. It’s the tension and stress in our facial muscles and fascia that are visible – and one of the only conscious ways to amend this is through the breath.” Try an extended breath now – simply breathe out longer than you breathe in, even just for one count, to instantly help you feel grounded. “Breath not only affects cortisol and stress levels – it helps get the lymphatic system moving, too,” says de Mamiel. “You can power this up with essential oils, as research has shown they work with the chemistry of the brain to positively affect your mood. I love rose oil, found in my First Fix Stress Response Serum, to really nourish your heart.”


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