In-Flight Hacks Of The Beauty A-List

From CAROLYN MURPHY’s electrolyte-infused water prep plan and ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY’s in-flight fasting tip to JOANNA CZECH’s clean-skin routine and TINA CRAIG’s go-to compression socks – NEWBY HANDS gets the A-list lowdown on looking good and feeling fresh at 35,000ft


Carolyn Murphy, model and activist

Ear plugs, a silk eye mask and cozy sweatsuit are essentials

“Pre-flight, I drink a lot of water with electrolytes; I don’t eat on the plane, and I try to take an overnight flight so that I can sleep. Once I get to my destination, I go outside for fresh air and a walk. At night, it’s all about a massage, a bath and melatonin.”

Charlotte Tilbury, makeup artist and entrepreneur

I take arnica every couple of hours for three days before I fly

“It really makes a difference to that in-flight stomach-bloat, and it helps me to sleep. I don’t drink alcohol on a plane, and I have tons of water. If it’s a long-haul flight, I use my Goddess Skin Clay Mask, which defends my skin from the drying air con and leaves it feeling baby-soft, followed by my Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. If it’s a short-haul flight, I just use the Dry Sheet Mask on its own – no mess, no fuss, I just whip it on and massage my face over it.”

Charlotte Tilbury
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, model and founder of Rose Inc

I just drink water and sleep

“I used to have an elaborate in-flight routine, but now I get on, drink lots of water and fall asleep. Plane food makes me feel sluggish and puffy, so I use that fasting time to sleep instead. When I arrive, I do a thorough exfoliation – the Café Noir Body Exfoliant from is amazing – dry body-brush, and have a hot shower with all that masking and basking. I also use a gel-textured hydrating moisturizer, to help my skin rehydrate post-flight.”

Pritika Swarup, model and skincare entrepreneur

I’ve trained myself to sleep when I fly

“I’m so good at it now that I can even be asleep before take-off; last time I flew to India, I slept for 16 hours straight. I’ll use a little gel on my face and under my eyes to moisturize – I have an aloe plant at home, and I take off a leaf and put the gel on my skin before leaving for the airport, too.”

Pritika Swarup
Tina Craig

Tina Craig, beauty entrepreneur

I never fly without my Japanese compression socks

“I buy them by the dozen whenever I’m in Tokyo, as they are super-lightweight and comfortable and minimize swelling while I’m flying. I also diligently drink between six and eight ounces of water each hour for the first eight hours on a long flight – the perfect amount for sustained hydration. And I never get on a flight without my The Super Smart Hydrator and The Barrier Bioactive Treatment – they’re my must-haves for landing with glowing skin, so I always slather on a generous amount.”

Joanna Czech, skincare expert

I drink tons of water on the plane

“You lose up to 30% of the skin’s moisture after a four-hour flight. My husband always makes fun of me, as I start stockpiling water as soon as we get to the airport. My skin routine is simple: I never get on a plane with makeup on, and the first thing I do after cleansing and toning is mix a few drops of my The Soothing Serum with The C+ Serum, as I have stage-one and this calms any irritation. Finally, I use a thick layer of The Balm along with my favorite lip balm to hydrate and seal all the ingredients in.”

Joanna Czech
Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr, model and organic-skincare entrepreneur

I always take my own food with me and I constantly drink water

“As soon as I can, I clean my face really well and use my Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask as a scrub, so my skin is extra-clean. Then I’ll massage in my Noni Glow Face Oil and, if it’s long-haul, I also apply Noni Glow Sleeping Mask. Then, before landing, I rinse it all off and put my usual face on.”

Angela Caglia, aesthetician and entrepreneur

I wear no makeup, but lots of moisturizer

“I’ve perfected my travel regimen: I travel without makeup and apply a thick layer of my Soufflé Moisturizer when I get to the airport, and then again mid-flight. Then I use my rose-quartz Crystal Goddess Face Mask over the top – people always come over to ask me about it [because] they want one, too!”


Angela Caglia