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Minimalist Jewelry That Maximizes The ‘Less Is More’ Effect

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Clockwise from top left: stud earrings, Ileana Makri; hoop earrings, Boucheron; single earring and single pearl earring, Maria Tash; ring, Repossi

Just like your wardrobe, a fine-jewelry collection can be curated to suit any sensibility – be it a maximalist look festooned with diamonds, colored gems and pearls, or a minimalist style consisting of sleek and contemporary pieces that add modern, precious accents to any outfit. “Minimalist jewelry requires minimal effort when it comes to styling, which is why I am such an advocate,” says Libby Page, senior market editor at NET-A-PORTER. “I have to confess that jewelry is always the last thing I think about when I put a look together, so, for me, it’s important that all the jewelry I own works with everything in my wardrobe.”

This doesn’t, however, mean choosing jewels that are any less precious or interesting. Ileana Makri’s ‘Cascade’ collection celebrates the power, beauty and dynamism of water – and her 18-karat gold ‘Stepping Stone’ studs feature round, brilliant-cut diamonds. If you have multiple piercings, pair with contrasting shapes of modern studs that ascend the ear, or try adding a scintillating ear cuff that continues the yellow-gold theme. Alternatively, complement Makri’s angular design with a swinging yet sleek drop earring by Maria Tash – her repertoire of single earrings allows for total freedom when it comes to ear styling. Tash’s 14-karat gold ‘Pendulum Spike’ earring is catnip to those who love minimalist design codes – and features three design staples that represent jewelry minimalism at its best: a sleek chain, a succinct stud and a lustrous single pearl.

Minimalist jewels can also be highly detailed, with preciousness hiding in plain sight. Indeed, it often requires more skill to strip back designs and execute imperceptible craftsmanship than it does to pile on extra stones and sparkle. Boucheron’s ‘Quatre Classique’ hoop earrings are testament to this artisanal excellence – each hoop celebrates the maison’s 164-year legacy moved into the modern era, with 18-karat rose gold accompanied by a striking line of chocolate-hued PVD. While their silhouette might be oversized, the monochrome theme of these hoops makes them ideal for those who like to keep their color palette neutral. “For me, an easy, everyday look would consist of leather pants, a white tank top and a striped shirt,” explains Page. “I’d finish the look off with my Hermès Timepieces watch, paired with a simple gold chain and delicate gold-band rings with diamonds that make them ping. And these Boucheron hoops would complement everything in my wardrobe.”

The hero jewel for lovers of the ‘less is more’ effect? Repossi’s iconic ‘Berbère Module’ ring. Available in gleaming 18-karat rose gold, this best-seller packs a punch – two bands morphed into one. Those seeking some extra scintillation can choose the same design set with a subtle row of pavé diamonds. Alternatively, if you’re feeling uber-bold, enamel versions come in shades of cream, scarlet and navy – and add the perfect flash of color to a pared-back collection. No fuss, no muss.