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Precious Details: How To Layer Necklaces In 2022

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In order of appearance: ‘True Love’ 18-karat-gold diamond necklace, Foundrae; ‘Lola’ 18-karat-gold necklace, Jade Trau; gold and enamel necklace, Lauren Rubinski

Necklace layering is not a new art form ­­– in the past few years, it has become a key trend amidst an increased interest in jewelry stacking. However, in recent seasons, wearing multiple chunky necklaces together, or pairing whisker-fine chains with similarly dainty designs, has been replaced by a more eclectic mélange.

“Stacks on stacks of very delicate chains can turn into a frustrating tangle unless you’re very mindfully adjusting them throughout the day,” explains Jade Lustig, founder of Jade Trau. “I also think a range in scale makes each individual piece stand out so much more,” she adds. Lustig’s ‘Lola’ chain, like many of her designs, is inspired by vintage treasures discovered at flea markets or antique shows, and she recommends styling it with heavier-set pieces such as her thick ‘Tatum’ chains. “The clasp has a chunkier vibe to it, but the chain is still delicate enough to be stacked with anything from a diamond solitaire pendant to a rivière necklace, or even a gold choker,” she suggests.

Lauren Rubinski’s 14-karat-gold chains are similarly chameleon-like in their design and will accent any ensemble, from athleisure to eveningwear. This year, the Parisian designer has adorned her signature long-link designs with rainbow stripes of enamel, championing 2022’s trend for embellished, all-out maximalist and souped-up chains. This six-inch style sits elegantly on the collarbone and, despite its imposing silhouette, has a barely-there feel, thanks to its hollow design – making it ideal for coupling with more delicate necklaces and pendants.

One such gem is Foundrae’s ‘True Love’ pendant, crafted from opulent 18-karat gold. The brand’s founder, Beth Bugdaycay, explains that the stars on the pendant embody seven types of true love, including the love between parents and children, love founded on duty and reason, romantic love and self-love. An auspicious number across myriad cultures, the seven stars floating around the central knot are a nod to this talismanic power and the love Bugdaycay hopes the pendant will manifest for its wearer – the perfect final flourish for entering a new year.